Three Network Research Visits for international early career researchers

Research Visits at the Zukunftskolleg support temporary research stays up to three months by international  early career researchers from partner research institutions or from within the network of University-based  Institutes for Advanced Study (UBIAS) or the Network of European Institutes for Advanced Study (NetIAS).  The aim of the Research Visits is to provide an opportunity to engage in a research project at the University  of Konstanz, ideally in collaboration with a Zukunftskolleg fellow. No limitation is placed on the area of re search within the humanities, natural and social sciences. Interdepartmental and interdisciplinary research  is encouraged. 

Visiting researchers receive a working space in the Zukunftskolleg with all the usual research facilities and  are expected to participate in all Zukunftskolleg’s activities. Experimental projects in the natural sciences  can only be supported if arrangements for lab space are made with the respective departments, since the  Zukunftskolleg does not have any laboratory space of its own. 

Funding will include round trip travel to Konstanz (economy fare) and up to €800/month for accommodation  in Konstanz. The Zukunftskolleg will not offer employment contracts for Research Visits. 

Benefits for visiting researchers 

- Standard expenses for one economy-class trip to Konstanz and back,  

- Up to €800/month for accommodation in Konstanz,  

- Access to events organised by the Zukunftskolleg; 

- The opportunity to present your research work to an interdisciplinary community at the  Zukunftskolleg’s weekly Jour fixe; 

- Interaction with a lively international community of peers and support with contacting other researchers  in your area of research; 

- Access to library resources and IT services; 

- Work space at the Zukunftskolleg (dependent on availability).  


- Applicants for Research Visits are or have been affiliated with one of the Zukunftskolleg’s international  partners or come from an Institute for Advanced Study within the UBIAS network or NetIAS network.  - They hold a doctorate or equivalent professional qualification. Consideration will be given to the aca demic record and the publications of all applicants as well as their capacity to disseminate their views  among an interdisciplinary community. 

- Applicants may not hold a permanent professorship, nor have a habilitation or equivalent qualification  (Venia legendi). 

- Candidates should provide evidence of any contact they have had with researchers at the Zukunftskol leg or at the University of Konstanz, and of the proposed collaboration during and beyond their stay at  the Zukunftskolleg. Applicants who have initiated such contact before requesting funding will have a  competitive advantage. Preference may be given to applicants who plan to collaborate with current fellows of the Zukunftskolleg.


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