Two Post-Doctoral Positions at CEFRES – Charles University

Two post-doctoral researchers will be recruited from 1st January 2020 for two years at CEFRES. They will be both affiliated to CEFRES and to a relevant department for their research at Charles University. Both post-doctoral researchers will be recruited on the basis of the quality of their research project.

The results will be published in October 2019. 

(1) CEFRES research areas

The first post-doctoral position is intended for researchers whose research project can be part of one of CEFRES’s three research areas: 

  • Research area 1 – Displacements, “Depaysements” and Discrepancies: People, Knowledge and Practices
  • Research area 2 – Norms & Transgressions
  • Research area 3 – Objects, Traces, Mapping: Everyday Experience of Spaces

For equal scientific quality, preference will be given to a project on the social, economic and political transformations of contemporary Central Europe.

2. Research project: TANDEM program

A specific competition to recruit a second post-doctoral researcher whose work covers one out of three possible topics listed below. The selected candidate will work in association with a researcher from the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) and a researcher assigned by the CNRS within the frame of the TANDEM program.

Topic 1: “Adverbial Experience: The Aesthetics of Contemporary Czech and French Art”

This research project will associate the post-doctoral researcher with CAS researcher Tomáš Koblížek (Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences).

Description: The project will focus on contemporary art (literature, music, plastic art, photography etc.) from the perspective of today aesthetics. The candidate will work in the domain of aesthetics and/or the history of art.
Applicants may contact Mr. Koblížek before applying for any relevant questions on their application at Koblizek [at]

Topic 2: “Peace and Environment: Alain Touraine, Eastern Europe and Analysis of Social Movements under Communism”

This research project will associate the post-doctoral researcher with CAS researcher Doubravka Olšáková (Institute of Contemporary History of the CAS).

Description: Candidates from across social sciences and humanities are invited to explore social movements in Eastern Europe in the second half of the 20th century. They can also dedicate their research to Alain Touraine’s research under the perspective of sociology or history of science.
Applicants may contact Ms. Olšáková before applying for any relevant questions on their application at olsakova [at]

Topic 3: “ The Europe of Resentment and Rubble: a Confederation of the Vanquished?

This research project will associate one post-doctoral researcher with CNRS researcher Michèle Baussant (Institute of Political Social Sciences, University Paris Nanterre).

Description: Mapping interior frontiers, silenced pasts and living memories of displaced post-imperial (European) minorities (ie. Sudeten and Bukovina Germans, Ukrainians from Poland, Italians from Istria, Europeans of Algeria…). 
Applicants may contact Ms. Michèle Baussant before applying for any relevant questions on their application at michele.baussant [at]

Eligibility Criteria

  • be high-level young researchers from abroad (non-Czech), who defended their PhD no more than 10 years prior to the application deadline in a university outside the Czech Republic
  • conducting a research befitting one of the research projects described above (or CEFRES research areas)
  • good command of English is mandatory

Framework of the Charles University and CEFRES post-doctoral position

As a partner of CEFRES Platform, Charles University recruits two high-quality post-doctoral research fellows from abroad, to become researchers at CEFRES, within the frame of the Charles University’s International Post-Doc Research Fund. The gross monthly salary is 32 000 CZK and a fixed-term contract will be signed between each post-doctoral researcher and CEFRES. UK-CEFRES post-doctoral researchers will be affiliated to both CEFRES and a relevant department of one of the faculties in social sciences and humanities of the Charles University according to their main discipline.

They are expected to:

  • contribute through their own research to the research project they apply to
  • take part in the scientific life of CEFRES
  • submit a yearly report on their research advances to the director of CEFRES
  • come to live in Prague from 1 January 2020.

Application packages must be submitted by 2 August 2019 electronically in an email entitled “YOUR LAST NAME_CEFRES-UK” at: (send a copy to his assistant: Please send the application form in both PDF and as a Word-document. Applicants are welcome to contact the PIs of the research projects they apply to before sending their application.

Application date
2 years
Humanities : History, Literature, Philosophy, Theology and religion