Fondazione Luigi Einaudi Onlus

The Fondazione Luigi Einaudi onlus was created in Rome, Italy in 1962 on the initiative of Giovanni Malagodi, secretary of the Italian Liberal Party, and the party was for decades, despite their autonomy, useful cultural support.

The center is visited by a quarter of a million scholars, 15% from outside Turin, many from outside Italy. The foundation has relationships with the Colegio de México and Cornell University, facilitating research on regional integration,comparative models of employment and social policy, and contemporary political and economic thought. In 1984 the statute was reformed by eliminating the presence of law of the secretary of the PLI by the governing board of the Foundation, in order to start a process totally independent, essentially aimed to study the new guidelines that faced in those years in Italy opening new horizons to the spread of liberal culture. Dissolved the PLI in 1993 in the collapse of the traditional parties, the Foundation has been to represent the continuity of liberal culture, suddenly claimed by many as an essential element of new and old political parties, few practiced in bipolar coalitions that have come affirming starting since 1994.

Even then, however, it appeared clear that the transition to the bipolar transversely cutting the Liberal membership; and in fact those who were (in and out of PLI) recognized in the membership, divided into the new system by choosing different political militancy, or none. In acknowledge it, the Einaudi Foundation in Rome has decided to maintain and even more so to strengthen their choice, not of neutrality but of impartiality: no neutrality because the Foundation has its foundation and orientation in the liberal culture, but of impartiality, because the liberal culture, for the same characteristics that distinguish it, it does not lead to predetermined party options.

The choice made by the Foundation is of greater importance in the present moment, despite the verbal statements, it is clear that the liberal culture is altogether a minority in the new political system, and thus requires initiatives and tools that help to make it grow, in what distinguished by other patently functional foundations in locations partisan and coalition. The way to do that, or at least try, is to constantly practiced by Einaudi Foundation: develop the debate and dialogue between different positions, present any problem to a rational analysis and motivated schematics without preconceptions, to offer to those who want a place of freedom discussion. The choices of those who intend to take an active part in militant politics does not involve in any case the Foundation, returning them in the exercise of personal responsibility of each.

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