Call for proposals┋French-Russian Scientific Projects

Deadline : October 31, 2019

The Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) and the Fondation Maison des sciences de l'homme (FMSH) are pleased to launch their joint call of proposal for 2020.

The aim of this call is to unite the efforts of the RFBR and the FMSH to support bilateral scientific initiatives proposed by research groups in France and Russia which, by their high level, are capable of strengthening scientific cooperation between the researchers of the two countries.

Eligibility criteria for projects

The proposals should consist in scientific research projects carried out jointly by teams of researchers from Russian and French institutions (minimum two / maximum ten persons per side).

Projects submitted must cover at least one of the following disciplines:

  • History; Archeology; Ethnography;
  • Economics ;
  • Philosophy ; Sociology; Political Science; Jurisprudence; Epistemology
  • Philology; Knowledge (study) of arts
  • Complex study of human beings; Psychology; Pedagogy; Social problems of medicine and ecology of human beings;
  • Social history of science and technology
  • Global studies and international relations

 For the French part, here are some details:

  • It is indeed, and we insist on this point, projects which must be the subject of a genuine Franco-Russian cooperation. Two applications must therefore be sent, respectively to the RFBR for the Russian part and to the FMSH for the French part. However, it is not necessary for the projects to have the same terms. The Russian team presents the project to the RFBR mentioning the partnership with the French and vice versa for the French team with the FMSH.
  • The French part must present the project in French in accordance with the procedure detailed below.
  • The person or persons responsible of the project must hold their position in their institution. Then they can join associate researchers, doctoral students, etc.
  • The duration of the projects is 1, 2 or 3 years.
  • Intermediary report will be required every year and a final report at the end of the project.

 For the Russian part, consult the RFBR website.

Financial terms

The FMSH finances the expenses of the team of researchers from French institutions up to a maximum of 5000 euros per project.

The FMSH mostly finances mission expenses (travel cost and subsistence expenses).

When the selected projects will be announced, The FMSH will let the project coordinators know about the annual budget repartition.

How to apply and schedule

For French teams: download the specific form and return it by email to Amandine Samson:

Applications must be received by the FMSH no later than October 31, 2019.

Warning: any project that is not submitted to both the FMSH for the French team and the RFBR for the Russian team will be ineligible.

The French and Russian files will then be appraised. For the French part, the following elements will be taken into account:

  • the innovative nature of the research project;
  • the theoretical and methodological framework of the project;
  • the feasibility of the work program and the expected results;
  • the scientific qualifications and skills of the teams;
  • the tangible character of the Franco-Russian cooperation.

The results will be communicated to the teams in Spring 2020.


Opening of the call: July 16th 2019

Deadline for application: October 31st 2019, 5 :00 pm (hour in Paris)

Selection process: November 1st 2019 –  end of January 2020

Announcement of the results: early March 2020



Amandine Samson : (Phone: +33 (0)1 40 48 64 86)


Belaya Natalya :  (Tel : +7 499 70 28 556)

Application date
3 years
Humanities : Anthropology & Ethnology, Archaeology, Arts and Art history, History, Linguistics, Literature, Philosophy, Theology and religion
Social sciences : Demography, Law, Economy, Geography, Gender studies, Identities, gender and sexuality, Psychology & Cognitive Sciences, International Relations, Political science, Pedagogic & Education Research, Environmental Sciences, Sociology
Other : Medicine