CEDEJ/IFAO Joint Postdoc Scholarship

In order to strengthen their scientific cooperation, CEDEJ and IFAO offer a postdoc scholarship in human and social sciences on contemporary developments of Egyptian society in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

This scholarship is open to young researchers whatever their nationality having defended their PhD (or equivalent doctoral degree) since less than 8 years (PhD after 10/31/2009).

The scholarship amount is 12 monthly payments of 1 000 euros net per month (in addition to the granting of a round-trip flight ticket). The beneficiary will receive this scholarship for 12 consecutive months starting from October 1, 2017 till September 31, 2018.

Allocation of this scholarship requires that the beneficiary shall reside in Egypt for twelve months. He/She must subscribe a health insurance and a repatriation insurance. He/She will have all the practical and logistical facilities of both Institutes.

Application date
12 months
Social sciences