Chair of Dialogue between Cultures Postdoctoral Fellowship at Paris 1: "The role of media in the relations between Europe and the Arabian Peninsula"

The Chair of Dialogue between Cultures (Paris 1 Panthéon - Sorbonne University / al-Imam Muhammad bin Saud University) is offering a postdoctoral fellowship from September 1st 2016 to June 30th 2017 to support research and organize training on:

The role of media in the relations between Europe and the Arabian Peninsula

As recently emphasized during Arab Spring, media are now playing a role that cannot be overlooked in the relation between Europe and the Arabian Peninsula. Newspapers have been circulating between Europe and the Arab World from the 19th century and Europe is still the home for great Arab newspapers. During the WWII, European radios were broadcasting programmes specially conceived for war propaganda. Current broadcasting of such global channels as BBC, France 24, al-‘Arabiyya and al-Jazeera is also emphasizing the importance of media in the knowledge building about the other in Europe and the Arabian Peninsula.

The Chair is looking for a postdoctoral fellow whose research and publication projects are relating to media’s role (newspapers, radio, tv channels, weblogs) in the different fields of the relations between Europe and the Arabian Peninsula.

The research may be conducted in one or various scientific domains provided it emphasizes both sides of the relationship and it is built on solid media analysis.

Selection criteria

Candidates must have completed a doctorate whether in France or abroad in one of the following fields: history, archaeology, arts, political science, sociology, anthropology, Arabic literature.

Candidates must speak and write both French and English fluently. A good knowledge of Arabic will be appreciated.

A full member of the Chair team, the fellow will conduct a personal research and publishing work which has to fit with the Chair’s program “Europe-Arabian Peninsula” and more specifically this year with the study of media’s role in the relations between Europe and the Arabian Peninsula.

The fellow has to be able to organize an academic formation and lectures on the role of media in the Euro-Arab dialogue, whether by taking part in the existing seminars of Paris 1 University, or by organizing a workshop and/or a training session for and Arab and European audience.

Research Program: Europe-Arabian Peninsula: History and Current Issues in the Relations between Europe and the Arabian Peninsula

This five years program (2015-2019) includes an annual international workshop, the publication of sourcebooks and documents in Arabic and in French dealing with the perception of the Arabian Peninsula through history from Antiquity to Modern Era, and the translation (French/Arabic/English) of reference articles and books on these themes.

Research Area 1: Knowledge Building on the Arabian Peninsula and Europe through History (under resp. of Dr. Éric Vallet)

The research aims at evidencing the shapes, circumstances and contents of the European Knowledge building about the Arabian Peninsula from Antiquity to the 20th Century. Knowledge is the product of various scientific and non scientific initiatives in the fields of media information, geography, ethnology, archaeology, heritage studies, cartography and history.

Research Area 2: Players of the Circulation and Exchange (under resp. of Dr. Philippe Pétriat)

Players and Exchanged Commodities or Ideas between Europe and the Arabian Peninsula still have to be researched in a comprehensive view. We have to identify and analyse not only the main players and products of economic and intellectual exchange, but the circumstances, motivations and obstacles of such an exchange as well, both now and through History.

Research Area 3: Circulation and Interrelation Contemporary Challenges in the 20th and 21st centuries (under resp. of Dr. Philippe Pétriat)

The third field of research is focusing more specifically on the scientific and media interrelation recent developments between Europe and the Arabian Peninsula, the building of international/transnational networks and the States role in these processes, both in recent History and today.

Application date
Humanities : Anthropology & Ethnology, Archaeology, Arts and Art history, History, Literature
Social sciences : Information and Communication Sciences, Political science, Sociology