Clare College Cambridge Junior Research Fellowships


Clare College invites applications, in any science discipline, for its 2020 Junior Research Fellowship Competition. Junior Research Fellowships are stipendiary positions which are tenable for three years: for this competition, from 1 October 2020. A Junior Research Fellowship is intended for researchers who are in the early stages of their research careers.

Registration is needed to access the Junior Research Fellowship application system. This enables you to save your application, revisit or edit it before submission, and to check its status. It is recommended that you register as soon as possible.

To register, please go to the Application Registration page.

Applications and referees' reports must be received by 13:00 GMT on Monday 11 November 2019. Incomplete or late applications will NOT be accepted. Please make sure that your application and your references reach us before the closing date.

Eligibility requirements

  • Applications for a Junior Research Fellowship are open to candidates in any science discipline. The successful candidates will be selected by Clare College on the basis of their excellent records of research in their chosen subjects and the potential to pursue that research at the highest level.
  • Applications are invited from candidates who have completed less than five years' full-time research, or part-time equivalent, in science by 1 October 2020.
  • Please view the Eligibility Requirements for further details.
  • Statements of research are required. They should be no more than 1,000 words, outlining the work candidates would submit in support of their application and the research they propose to pursue if elected. The statement may be read by people outside the candidate's discipline and should therefore be intelligible to scholars in other fields of learning.
  • Candidates must provide details for two referees who have agreed to submit a reference through the website. At least one of the referees should be familiar with the writings to be submitted. One referee should normally be your supervisor.
  • Applications including two referees' references must be submitted online by 13:00 GMT on Monday 11 November 2019.
  • If you wish to withdraw from the competition, please inform the JRF Administrator as soon as possible.

Written work

  • Dissertations or published works are not required at this stage, but it is essential to have written work readily accessible. Short-listed candidates will be invited by Friday 6 December 2019 to submit a copy of their chosen written work electronically no later than Thursday 12 December 2019. Please ensure that your email, mobile, or telephone contact details on your application are kept updated
  • The College is concerned with the quality, rather than quantity, of the work submitted. Sufficient material should be made available for an informed assessment to be made. Work for submission to external assessors should not exceed 20,000 words.
  • Submitted work should normally be written in English. If candidates intend to submit work in another language, they should indicate this on their application, next to the work's title
  • Short-listed candidates will be asked to provide a statement by Monday 13 January 2020 from their prospective Head of Department in Cambridge, confirming their willingness to accommodate the Junior Research Fellow, if elected. In cases where short-listed candidates are not already in contact with the Head of Department, the College will provide assistance in initiating discussions.

Fellowship details

  • Stipends are payable on the University's salary scale, starting at spine point 39 (currently £30,942). The stipend will increase by one spine point each year.
  • The College offers additional benefits including ten free meals per week, the reimbursement of some research expenses and membership of the University Superannuation Scheme.
  • The stipend of Research Fellows who are in receipt of financial support from other sources will be by arrangement.
  • Research Fellows are members of the Governing Body and are expected to participate in the governance and social life of the College. Research Fellows may undertake a small amount of undergraduate teaching during term.
  • Research Fellows will carry out full-time research for 37.5 hours a week.
  • Research Fellows will not be permitted to undertake other paid work or to hold other offices and awards, except by permission of the College Council.

Application timetable

  • The application process begins on Friday 4 October 2019.
  • The application and two references must be submitted through the website by 13:00 GMT on Monday 11 November 2019. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • Candidates will be notified if they have been shortlisted or not by Friday 6 December 2019.
  • A final decision will be made by Friday 31 January 2020.
  • The successful candidates will enter into their Fellowships on Thursday 1 October 2020.
Application date
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