DFF–Research Project Grants 2

Independent Research Fund Denmark offers two types of research projects named IRFD-Research Project 1 and 2.

DFF-Research Project 2

To advance the quality of, and develop collaboration within, Danish research, IRFD offers funding for research projects carried out by multiple researchers (including post-doctoral candidates and PhD students) of up to 4.5 years in duration within a budget framework of DKK 2 million to DKK 4.3 million, excluding overhead. A DFF–Research Project 2 is often characterised by a coordinated and mutually binding collaboration featuring a well-defined, joint research question. However, it may also be a project formulated by a single researcher, but which is to be carried out in a research team, when it can be argued that the project is particularly ambitious and resource demanding, and that the research objective cannot be obtained through a DFF–Research Project 1.The research activities must have the potential to create synergy among anysub-projects, involve an international level of collaboration (if relevant) and be ofa high, international standard.

Applicant requirements

The applicant must be able to document independent research experience at a high international level typically corresponding to 5 years of research or more after having obtained a PhD (or similar qualifications). The applicant’s previous results will be assessed in relation to his/her career , and in relation to the scientific challenges of the project applied for. If the applicant is not an associate professor or has been awarded a positive associate professor assessment (“lektorbedømmelse”) and the project involves the education of researchers, it must be stated in the application how the relevant supervision will be provided, and how the scientific connection of the research students to the project will be ensured.

Application requirements

IRFD emphasises that the project description should account for the synergy between any sub-projects, the project management and organisational structure, as well as plans for publishing results. All sub-projects, including PhD and post-doctoral projects, should be described within the project description. The applicant can apply for funding for PhD and post-doctoral scholarships, if they have a clear independent function within, and form an integral part of, the research project.

Post-doctoral candidates must have obtained their PhD or achieved equivalent qualifications e.g. a positive assistant professorship evaluation ("adjunktbedømmelse") within the last four years at the time of the application deadline (which for technical calculation is fixed at 1 October 2018). When applying for research funding for PhD scholarships, there must be a sufficiently balanced relationship between the contribution of senior researchers and PhD scholars to the project, so that all registered participants have a concrete role in the project work.

An account for the proposed recruitment process must be provided if the application includes requests for funding for unnamed PhD students and post-doctoral participants.

The project description must not exceed 7 A4 pages (including figures, tables, etc.), but excluding references/bibliography. Please be aware that the appendices overview states which appendices must be attached, and which appendices may be attached.

Application date
Up to 4,5 years
Social sciences