Doctoral and post-doctoral Positions at LabEx DynamiTe

Call illustration

For the year 2020, the LabEx DynamiTe offers 2 post-doctoral positions (1 year).

Applicants for a post-doctoral contract are invited to draft a personal research proposal in agreement with a LabEx supervisor. The topic should lie within the scope of one or more of DynamiTe’s Work-Packages (see below)

Enjeu scientifique 1 – « Héritage et mutation des territoires »

  •  « Penser la production de l’urbain entre Suds et Nords : approches, catégories, méthodes »
  •  « Systèmes de peuplement sur le temps long »
  •  « Circulation des modèles et hétérogénéité des développements »
  • « Construction de la spatialité dans les sociétés anciennes »
  • « Patrimoines : savoirs et circulations »

Enjeu scientifique 2 – « Changements environnementaux et risques : impacts sur la biodiversité et les sociétés »

  •  « Changements environnementaux et sociétés dans le passé »
  •  « Milieux (péri-)glaciaires et stratégies des populations »
  •  « Normativité environnementale face aux catastrophes climatiques »
  •  « Biodiversité, savoirs, pratiques et engagements »
  •  « Dynamiques environnementales et sociales des risques »

Project submission procedure / conditions

Each research proposal is to be supervised by a member of LabEx DynamiTe connected to one of its 19 partner laboratories. Accordingly, applicants interested in responding to this call for projects must contact a prospective supervisor before applying.

The following selection criteria are applied:

  • the application’s scientific merits: a clear problem and the originality of the research proposal;
  • the methodology and the implementation (feasibility of completing the post-doctoral research in one year);
  • the integration in LabEx’s general scientific themes and in the laboratory environment (Work-Package(s), supervisor, laboratory).

The deadline for the submission of applications is Thursday 14 May 2020 inclusive. All applications are to be submitted using the electronic form:

Each research proposal will be assessed in June. The applicants selected after an examination of their application and an interview (held in the week beginning 22 June 2020) will be informed of the results from Wednesday 1 July 2020.

Monthly gross stipend: approximately €2,890.

For the duration of their contract, post-doctoral students will be hosted in the LabEx DynamiTe partner laboratory responsible for supervising their post-doctoral research. They may not be hosted in a laboratory that is not a LabEx DynamiTe partner laboratory, except where a post-doctoral profile has been co-constructed with the socio-economic community or at an international establishment (in which case, there may be joint hosts).

Application date
1 year
Humanities : Anthropology & Ethnology, Archaeology
Social sciences : Demography, Economy, Geography, International Relations, Political science, Environmental Sciences, Sociology