IASH Edinburgh Environmental Humanities Visiting Research Fellowships

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These Visiting Fellowships of between two and four months are intended to encourage outstanding interdisciplinary research, international scholarly collaboration, and networking activities of Visiting Research Fellows with a specific focus on the Environmental Humanities. Fellows will be expected to contribute to furthering the work of the Edinburgh Environmental Humanities network, to explore where possible collaborations with academic staff in the Edinburgh Environmental Humanities Network, and to take an active part in IASH interdisciplinary events.

Fellows will be expected to give two presentations about their research during their stay, one at IASH and one to Environmental Humanities colleagues.

A bursary of up to £1,000 will be offered to successful candidates to contribute towards travel and subsistence costs.

Decolonisation has been a main concern of the EEHN reading group for the past couple of years. We would particularly welcome applications linked to the themes of the Institute Project on Decoloniality taking place at IASH from 2021 to 2024.

Application procedure

Closing date

The 2022-23 round is now closed. The closing date for the receipt of the next round of applications is 17:00 GMT on Friday 24 February 2023.

Applications received after that date will not be considered. Successful candidates for 2023-24 will be notified by email by the end of April 2023 with a formal letter of confirmation to follow; please ensure that you supply a valid email address so that you can be contacted quickly after decisions are made.

The application form

You can find our application form here.


  1. A minimum of two and a maximum of three confidential references are required. 
  2. At least one referee should come from outside the institution of the applicant.
  3. Referees should comment on the nature and quality of the research proposal, as well as on the qualifications of the applicant.

Applicants should ask their referees to send their references by email to the Institute Director at iash@ed.ac.uk by 24 February 2023.

Application date
2-4 months
Social sciences : Information and Communication Sciences, Environmental Sciences