Joint Berlin-Jerusalem Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program

Two (2) Joint Post-Doctoral Fellowships are offered for highly qualified, early career postdoctoral researchers. Each fellowship is awarded for 24 months, starting on October 1, 2018, and consists of two phases:

  • Phase 1: 12 months of research at Freie Universität Berlin
  • Phase 2: 12 months of research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

(or vice versa)

The Postdoctoral Fellows will conduct their research projects under the joint supervision of experienced researchers from Freie Universität and the Hebrew University.

The call is open to all disciplines and subject areas that exist at both universities or are complementary.

The Fellowship applicant must identify two tenured faculty members who will serve as hosts, one at each university, then contact the prospective hosts directly and include an endorsement letter from each of these two potential principal hosts in the application.


A monthly stipend of 2,000 Euro and a one-time relocation allowance (2,000 Euro). The Postdoctoral Fellows will further have access to the Researcher Development Program of the Dahlem Research School at Freie Universität.

Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria

The Fellowship is open to highly qualified researchers of all nationalities who received their Ph.D. no more than three years prior to the deadline of this call. Candidates who acquired their Ph.D. prior to that date may also apply if there was an eligible lapse in their research activity (e.g. family responsibilities). The program is open to both internal and external candidates. Applicants holding a tenure or tenure-track faculty position are not eligible.

The criteria for the selection of the fellows are based on the academic excellence of the applicant, the quality of the proposed research project, the compelling demonstration of the anticipated synergy of a joint Postdoc, and the commitment of the respective supervisors at both universities. The excellent research proposal should include a research plan that indicates where the Fellow will commence the postdoctoral research and how the project will profit from the research environments of both institutions. The research proposed must therefore be significantly distinct from or add significantly to the related doctoral thesis and clearly demonstrate the expected results of a joint Postdoc.

Application Deadline: January 31, 2018 (Applications submitted after this date cannot be considered).

Applications must include:

  • Research proposal and time plan (max. 10 pages in total including all references/figures/tables).
  • Concise Curriculum Vitae with a list of principal publications (max. 4 pages in total).
  • Two recommendation letters (including one from the applicant’s doctoral supervisor) – can be sent directly to the below coordinators if the referees prefer.
  • Two explicit endorsement letters by the potential host supervisors at Freie Universität Berlin and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, including detailed reference to the added value for the research project, the benefits stemming from their joint supervision, and a clear statement of commitment regarding the physical and intellectual research environment that the supervisors will provide to the fellow.

Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Application date
2 years
Social sciences