Lady Davis Fellowship Trust Visiting Professorships at Hebrew University

Lady Davis Fellowship Trust Visiting Professorships at Hebrew University

The Lady Davis Fellowship Trust was established 49 years ago in 1973 to provide an opportunity for Visiting Professors, Post-Doctoral Researchers and Doctoral Students from abroad, regardless of nationality, gender or field of scholarship to teach, study and participate in research in Israel at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and at the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa. 

The Lady Davis Trust offers two different Fellowships:

  • for Visiting Professors
  • for Post-doctoral researchers

Eligibility Criteria

  • Please read carefully the paragraph below headed, "You must have an academic sponsor..."
  • You must be a Full or an Associate professor.
  • Visiting Professorships are only awarded to candidates who apply from Universities outside of  Israel.
  • Visiting Professors are typically expected to teach. The Academic Committee will favourably view an application that includes an intention to teach courses or participate in or lead seminars.  Visiting Professors also engage in research with their hosts, or interact with other Faculty members.  The precise mix of activities will be mutually decided upon by the Visitor and his/her academic sponsor.
  • Visiting Professors who were awarded a Fellowship in the past may reapply for another providing at least 3 academic years have elapsed between applications.  In other words, a Visiting Professor, who was awarded a Fellowship for the academic year 2020-21, for example, may apply again for the academic year 2024-25.

Academic sponsor

Sponsors in the Faculties of Science, Computer Science & Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry and Agriculture will be expected to cover:

1. 20% of the total cost of the Fellowship for Visiting Professors.
2. 50% of the total cost of the Fellowship for Post-Doctoral Researchers even in the first year.

In the case of Visiting Professors, the Trust will submit a request to the sponsor for the payment of the 20% mentioned.  In the case of Post-Doctoral Researchers, the sponsor should consult with the Lady Davis office and work out a mutually approved plan for payment.   

Prospective candidates must establish contact with the relevant Faculty or Department at the Hebrew University, and ensure that there is a Faculty member willing to sponsor the application. We will not be able to process an application without a sponsor.

An academic sponsor does not simply agree to passively supervise your research from time to time while you are at the Hebrew University.  We expect your sponsor to actively support your research proposal because it is of a nature that is closely connected to and compliments his/her own particular expertise, and opens up new areas of study which he/she would be interested to pursue.  Therefore, the enthusiasm he/she can show in the letter of support to actively collaborate with you on your proposed research will indicate to the Academic Committee the importance he/she attaches to your proposed visit.

A sponsor must have the rank of Lecturer (or above) and he/she must be on the Regular Academic Track at the Hebrew University.  An Emeritus Professor who is still actively participating in research at Hebrew University, and who wishes to act as a sponsor, should contact The Lady Davis office, which will submit his/her request to the Academic Committee for approval.

If you are applying for a Post-Doctoral Fellowship your Ph.D Advisor will not be allowed to serve as your sponsor.

You may have more than one sponsor who is willing to support your application from the same Faculty/Department.  If your area of research is inter-disciplinary, you must have at least one sponsor from each Faculty/Department.   However, in any case, you may only submit ONE application and you will have to decide which Faculty/Department is your 'Major' and channel your application through that Faculty/Department.

Each sponsor is allowed only one candidate for each of the two different Fellowship levels.  In other words the same sponsor may support one Visiting Professor and one Post-Doctoral Researcher in any one academic year.  

A Sponsor may not be a referee at the same time for the same candidate and may not write a reference letter in addition to his/her letter of sponsorship either.

Please check that your sponsor is not supporting any other candidate at your level.

However if a candidate has been awarded an extension of an extra year to his Fellowship, that same sponsor may support a new candidate in the year of the extension.

There is no special form that a sponsor needs to fill out - a letter will suffice.

Please ensure that the sponsor clearly indicates that he/she has no plans to be either on Sabbatical or unpaid leave during the relevant year of the Fellowship.

The academic committee also requires the sponsor to assess whether or not the stated research can be completed in one year or whether there will be a need for an extension of one more year.

If you fulfill the minimum criteria for eligibility, please click on the link below to access the online application system. 

(Applications will automatically be considered for various Hebrew University funds along with The Lady Davis Fellowship Trust fund.)


What the Fellowships are Worth (monthly amounts)

The following information includes the Period of each Fellowship, Return of Expenses (for Visiting Professors), Stipend and Rent Allowance (for Post-Doctoral Fellows):

  • Visiting Professorships:  2 or 3 months; NIS 10,000* (per month). 
  • Post-Doctoral Researchers:  9-12 months for Lady Davis Fellowship awardees.  The Hebrew University decides on the duration of its Fellowships according to the University funding sources for its awardees; NIS. 6,050 (per month); NIS 1,000** rental allowance*** (per month). The Lady Davis Fellowship Trust does not fund travel expenses to conferences, or any other expense not specifically referred to on this page.

In addition:
(1) The Trust will pay for a roundtrip flight from the fellow's country of origin to Israel and back again.  Full details regarding the repayment of the flight will be included in the letter of appointment sent to the Fellow.  Family members accompanying a Fellow will not be eligible for reimbursement of their flight expenses.

(2) Half of the medical insurance if purchased & paid for in Israel. In any case the Trust will not pay for insurance that exceeds the standard package paid for by a normally healthy person.  The Trust will also NOT finance any extra medical insurance fees that are connected to pregnancy - those costs will have to be paid for by the Post-Doctoral Fellow.  

For further details call Amos Gilboa at:  Yedidim Insurance Agencies at:  052-325-0975 or via email at:

Amos will also be available every Tuesday between 11:30AM - 1:00PM in room 402 of the Rothberg School.

 If you are awarded a Post-Doctoral Fellowship the Trust will expect you to send us 

a health certificate IN ENGLISH ONLY (a one sentence statement from your Physician saying "that you are in general good health and are able to work").  We DO NOT need lab results.

If you have purchased your health insurance from Yedidim, a letter to that effect from them will be sufficient in place of a health certificate.

* NIS 9,000 for an Associate Professor
** NIS 600 for single fellows
*** Providing you are renting a flat in Jerusalem or close to Jerusalem

Stipends paid to Post-doctoral Fellows are considered grants by the Authorities in Israel and are free of any tax in Israel.

Application date
2-3 months
Social sciences