Louis Malassis International Scientific Prize for Agriculture and Food

The Prize, given once every two years, aims to recognize individuals, or a group of individuals, for their exemplary and promising contribution in promoting innovation through research, development and/or capacity building in the North, South or in the Mediterranean in order to improve food and agricultural systems sustainability as well as to address food security and poverty reduction.The Prize recognizes individuals whose scientific works are not only important contribution to the production of knowledge but are also actively promoting the use of knowledge in addressing current development challenges, and are involved in fomenting collective action across stakeholders.For the 2021 edition of the Prize, the Foundation is looking for individuals whose work are contributing towards agroecological transition, in particular, through efforts designed to address (1) agricultural adaptation and/or mitigation to face climate change; (2) conservation and sustainable use of agrobiodiversity; or (3) responsible production and consumption.

The Prize has three categories

  • The Young Promising Scientist Prize is awarded to a junior scientist with at least five years of professional experience ;
  • The Distinguished Scientist Prize is given to a senior scientist with at least 15 years of professional experience ;
  • The Outstanding Career in Agricultural Development is handed to someone whose professional career is devoted to agricultural development, be it in the field of agriculture and food research, innovation, capacity building, development or policy.

The Distinguished Scientist and the Outstanding Career in Agricultural Development Prizes come with a €20,000 cash prize.
The Young Promising Scientist Prize comes with a €5,000 cash prize and a €15,000 worth of scientific mobility grant to any of the 41 research labs that are part of Agropolis Fondation’s scientific network.

The Prize is a tribute to Professor Malassis, a French agronomist, agro-economist and ardent supporter of farmers’ cause. In 1986, he founded Agropolis, an international campus based in Montpellier which brings together research organizations and institutes for higher learning in agriculture.

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