Montreal International Centre for Comparative Criminology Postdoctoral Fellowships

The CICC is an inter-university research center affiliated to both the Université de Montréal and the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. The researchers affiliated to CICC come from several universities, colleges and public and parapublic organizations in Quebec. The CICC’s aim is to unite an interdisciplinary group of experts in the study of crime and the many public, private, and community institutions that are assembled in reaction to crime. The CICC is the only centre in Quebec that is focused on crime, control, and security at a general level.

The CICC hosts postdoctoral fellows to foster students in pursuing postdoctoral studies at our research center. The CICC offers the following programs:

  • Contest - Postdoctoral fellowship 2019 offered by CICC (deadline for submission of applications: July 15th 2018)
  • Reception of Canadian or foreign postdoctoral fellow with external funding (SSHRC, FRQSC or others) Possibility of postdoctoral fellowships complements offered by CICC (upon availability)

CICC postdoctoral trainees benefit from experience at an internationally renowned center where there are many opportunities for collaboration. In addition to being part of research teams, postdoctoral fellows have:

  • an office,
  • access to the library and research laboratories,
  • reimbursement of travel expenses (in the context of research projects involving the collaboration of several CICC researchers),
  • administrative support from the CICC team and
  • the opportunity to participate in CICC's annual writing retreat with many of the Center's researchers.


The international Centre for Comparative Criminology* (CICC), an inter -universities center affiliated to Université de Montréal and Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, is offering a salary of $ 33 485 CAD per year to the postdoctoral fellow chosen, plus social benefits (holidays, possibility of contributing to the voluntary retirement savings scheme, 3% of the annual salary in compensation for collective insurances, etc.).

The project submitted in the application should be related to the CICC research themes and the applicant should be  ready to assume responsibilities related to more general activities in our research centre. To learn more about the research themes of the CICC, please visit our website.


  • You must hold a PhD degree before starting the postdoctoral research and for no more than three years prior to the proposed starting date of the fellowship;
  • You must be supervised by a regular researcher from the CICC. The researcher must formally agree to supervise the candidate in the postdoctoral research and will guarantee the feasibility of the project. Therefore, the first step is to contact a researcher from the CICC to elaborate a project that could be realized within a 12 months period. Please visit our website to know our regular researchers and their fields of research.
  • You must have completed University studies in a field relevant or related to criminology: Anthropology, forensics, law, history, psychiatry, psycho-education, psychology, political science, sociology, applied social sciences statistics, and social work are the principal related fields;
  • Master French or English. You must be able to write scientific papers, either in French or English;
  • Priority will be given to candidates who are co-supervised;
  • The postdoctoral fellow will take place from January to December 2019 (35h/week).


Your application can be written in English

  • The research project (three pages maximum) should detail the following : 1. Issue, 2. Objectives, 3. Methodology, 4. Schedule, 5. References, 6. The statement of motivations to carry out his project at CICC;
  • A schedule of achievements for the duration of the fellowship;
  • A reference letter from the research director of the postdoctoral fellowship (has to be a regular researcher from the CICC);
  • A transcript of marks;
  • A curriculum vitae outlining your main achievements.


  • You engage to write a maximum of 10 pages report, summarizing the benefits of the research (this report will be on our website) at the end of your fellowship.
  • During the fellowship, present a conference as part of the CICC lunchtime Conferences and lead a methodological training for graduate students in criminology.


  • The academic excellence and the ability in research;
  • The insertion of the project in practice field;
  • The objectives, feasibility and quality of the research project;
  • The potential for success of the candidate.

Submission of application

The candidate must submit the application to the CICC before July, 15, 2018.

The research director must send his/her reference letter, by e -mail to:

The candidate must send all the other required documents in one PDF file to:

Application date
12 months
Humanities : History, Anthropology & Ethnology
Social sciences : Law, Pedagogic & Education Research, Political science, Psychology & Cognitive Sciences, Sociology