Perspectives on Wealth

The (Re-)Production of Wealth

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Extremely unequal income and wealth conditions are a recurring source of conflict and an ongoing hindrance to human development. Scientific research into the phenomenon of wealth is therefore a central element in understanding social transformation processes. With the funding initiative "Perspectives on Wealth", the Volkswagen Foundation aims to initiate a shift of perspective from poverty research to facets surrounding the phenomenon of wealth.

  • area of research: Humanities, cultural and social sciences, economics (lead); cooperations with natural, life, data and technical science possible
  • type of funding: (inter-)national cooperation projects with up to five partners
  • up to 1.5 million euros for big international consortia
  • up to 4 years
  • (inter-)national consortia with lead in Germany; collaborations with partners from LMICs preferable, transdisciplinary consortia possible

What is funded?

Following the first call on the "(re-)production of wealth", this current call for applications focuses on "repercussions of wealth" in a global perspective: What impact has wealth on societal transformation processes at a regional, national, and global level? What social, cultural, ecological, economic, and political effects can this have? The funding offer aims to generate new conceptual, methodological, and empirical insights, contribute to a multidimensional understanding of wealth and help developing options for societal interventions.

The funding offer targets (inter-)national research groups of up to five equally participating partners. The main applicant has to have completed their PhD degree in either a humanities, a social or cultural science subject or economics and has to be affiliated to a German university or research institution. An interdisciplinary cooperation with partners from natural, life, data or engineering sciences is possible. Further: a cooperation with international partners from LMICs is explicitly welcomed; transdisciplinary teams are possible. 

How it works: From application to decision

1. Terms and conditions

Please read the "Information for Applicants" carefully and familiarize yourself with the application conditions.

2. Prepare application

Please make sure to use the templates "Project description", "CV", "Further information on the application", and (if applicable) "Data management" for your application.

3. Submit application

Submit your application in electronic form via the application system.


Dr. Nora Kottmann +49 (0)511 8381-234

Administrative / Organisational Issues

Maria-Luisa Förster  +49 (0)511 8381-385

Application date
Up to 4 years
Humanities : Digital humanities and big data
Social sciences : Economy