RadoNorm Call for travel grant


Instructions for submitting applications for support of exchange visits of PhD students and early career researchers

General description

In order to learn or train skills in techniques relevant for the work programme of RadoNorm PhD students and early career researchers are welcome to apply for financial support of exchange/training visits to laboratories. Visits to RadoNorm beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries are possible. There are 4 application deadlines per year: 31 December, 31 March, 30 June and 30 September. The maximal level of support per applicant is 1,000 € per visit.

Rules for applicants

Who is eligible?

  • Early career researchers and PhD students who are employed in a beneficiary laboratory can apply.
  • Multiple applications from a single person are possible but priority will be given to first time applicants.

The support is only granted:

  • For travel outside the country of residence.
  • To cover travel expenses [1] and lodging. A budget must be included in an application.
  • For a trip that will take place within 6 months after the application deadline.

An application must contain:

  • A motivation letter explaining how the applicant will benefit in terms of the aim of the programme.
  • A CV.
  • A letter of support from the head of the unit.
  • An invitation letter with motivation if the applicant is applying for travel support to carry out an exchange visit.

Reimbursement procedures:

The organization hosting the grantee and reimbursing his/her travel expenses will send information to the coordinator about the total amount [1] of travel expenses incurred.

Based on this, RadoNorm coordination proofs and transfers the respective budget [2] raised to the respective organisation.

Submission and evaluation procedure

The complete application should be sent by mail to radonorm@bfs.de. The decision about support will be made within 15 days after the nearest application deadline. The applications will be evaluated by the 8 members of WP7. A recommendation for funding will be based on simple majority, with at least 5 evaluators participating in the evaluation. The following evaluation criteria and ranking will be apply:

Relevance to RadoNorm: 1 (least) – 10 (most).

Scientific quality of the abstract or plan of visit: 1 (least) – 10 (most).

Potential benefit to the education of the applicant: 1 (least) – 10 (most).

Successful applicants will be required to submit a report on their visit on completion of the travel. Also, they are encouraged to share their experience on RadoNorm website and available social media channels. To this end please contact radonorm@bfs.de.

Considering the European Green Deal

When planning the travel please consider the possibility of reducing the carbon footprint. Actions to be considered include preferential choice of train transportation and minimizing printing of any paper material.


[1] Travel expenses must be reimbursable in accordance with ARTICLE 6 — ELIGIBLE AND INELIGIBLE COSTS of the GA. Beneficiaries not receiving EU funding will not be taken into account for travel grants in accordance with ARTICLE 9 – RULES FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF ACTION TASKS BY BENEFICIARIES NOT RECEIVING EU FUNDING.

[2] The coordinator will not pay any invoices regarding travel expenses. There will be only a budget shift from coordinators budget to the respective beneficiaries budget.

Application date
Humanities : Anthropology & Ethnology, Architecture and urbanism
Social sciences : Law, Geography, Management and Public administration, International Relations, Political science, Information and Communication Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Sociology
Citizen Sciences