The funding format "Research in Groups" is open to scholars from all disciplines post-PhD, based in Germany and abroad. They can propose a research project to be conducted with a curated group of (preferably) international colleagues. If their collaborative application is successful, ZiF will host the group on its campus, offering ideal working conditions. There are three different group formats with varying time span and funding options.

The funding formats have been redesigned in 2022. The previous formats were called Research Groups (comparable to the new Resident Groups) and Cooperation Groups (comparable to the new Long-Term Groups).

Upcoming Deadlines for Application: 23 April 2024, 28 November 2024

Call Long-Term Group (as PDF)
Deadlines: 23 April & 28 November 2024

Long-Term Groups

  • Duration: several visits to ZiF over a period of up to three years; these recurring visits may add up to a total of ten months.
  • Funding Amount: up to 200,000 EUR to cover the costs for travel and accommodation as well as workshops and conferences; personnel expenses (buy-outs) cannot be covered.

Long-Term Groups offer great organisational freedom and flexibility to meet the needs of long-term projects; the set-up of the group work is based on the needs of the individual project idea. An overarching project design and coherent approach to planning the group are essential for a successful application.

Would you like to stay for longer and in a row? Look at our Visiting or Resident Groups!

Application date
Up to 3 years
Social sciences