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Suntory Support for Overseas Publication

The aim of the Support for Overseas Publication program is to provide financial assistance for translation, editing and publication in English and other languages of works as follows. 

  • International dissemination of outstanding research works written in Japanese
  • Books written about Japan that are conducive to promoting a deeper understanding of Japan and Japanese culture abroad.

Terms of Grant 

The support is intended to cover the translation and/or publication costs of a work. The upper limit of application amount is 50% of total cost, and ¥1,000,000. The total amount of support available per year is seven million yen, allocated among approximately seven to ten projects. Support applications are accepted annually from April through November, with final results announced the following March or thereabouts.


  • The subject books should be in the fields of humanities or social sciences, and consist of outstanding research works written in Japanese, or works written about Japan for which financial assistance would open the route to translation and publishing. 
  • Applications may involve publication in any language except Japanese, with publication required if support is awarded.
  • Quality translation, as well as negotiation and contracting with dependable publishers, must be guaranteed upon application.

Selection Process

The screening committee shall first examine all the applications and select candidates by consensus. After that, the board of directors of the Suntory Foundation shall make the final approval. 

To date, the foundation has contributed to translation and publication in 25 languages including English. These efforts have helped introduce academic works relating to Japanese culture to a broad international audience, in fields from classical literature to art criticism and research in modern government and economics.

Application date
Asia : Japan
Social sciences
Required post-doc experience
Between 0 and 99 years
Grants available
Award granted
¥ 7,000.000