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“TANDEM” Incubator Program at CEFRES Prague

This year, the French Research Center in Humanities and Social Sciences in Prague (CEFRES, USR CNRS 3138), CNRS, and the Czech Academy of Sciences (AV ČR) are launching the second call for applications for the “TANDEM” incubator program. “TANDEM” is a program of the CEFRES Platform and endeavors to excellency in social and human sciences. 

The aim of the TANDEM program

Associate two researchers – one from the AV ČR, one from the CNRS (French National Research Center) – around a joint research project leading to the submission of an ERC project (Synergy Grant, but also Starting, Consolidator, or Advanced grants).

The second TANDEM team, based in CEFRES, will work for two years, starting in February 2020. ERC projects can be submitted no more than twice during the appointment of the team at CEFRES.

The researcher from CNRS will benefit from a 7 month-long research stay at CEFRES (so-called SMI, Soutien à mobilité internationale program) from February to August 2020, and then from a 2 year-long appointment at CEFRES from September 2020 (the so-called affectation program supported by CNRS).

The AV ČR researcher of the team in the TANDEM program will be appointed for 50% of her/his work time at CEFRES is funded by AV ČR.

The TANDEM team may also recruit a post-doctoral researcher co-funded by CEFRES and the Charles University.


The constitution of the TANDEM team is planned according to the following agenda:

  • January 3, 2019: Publication of the call for applications
  • May 15, 2019: Deadline for the 1st round of applications for CNRS researchers and AV ČR researchers. For CNRS applicants, it is recommended (but not compulsory) to have already found a partner from AV ČR. Applications are to be addressed to CEFRES Director, Mr. Jérôme Heurtaux ( and CEFRES Executive Assistant, Ms. Adéla Landová ( The files for the application are available here in the CEFRES Platform.
  • May 31, 2019: Pre-selection of the 3 best applications by a committee composed of representatives from the AV ČR, CEFRES, and CNRS. The pre-selection will be based on the quality of the research projects and their potential for an ERC application.
  • June 1–5, 2019: Submission by the 3 pre-selected applicants of a project title and a 3-line description for the open call for applications for a post-doctoral researcher at CEFRES, co-funded by the Charles University and CEFRES, for 2 years (2020-2022). The call will be advertised on both Charles University‘s and CEFRES‘s websites. 
  • September 15, 2019: Deadline for the 2nd round for the 3 pre-selected researchers (from CNRS and/or AV ČR). The names and details related to their CNRS or AV ČR counterparts within the TANDEM team must be enclosed in these final applications.
  • October 4, 2019: Selection of the 2020-2022 TANDEM team by the committee composed of representatives from the AV ČR, UK, CEFRES, and CNRS. The final selection will be based on the potential of the team for the ERC application.
  • November 2019: Deadline for application of the CNRS researcher of the selected TANDEM team to CNRS for a 7 months-long research stay at CEFRES (so-called SMI – “Soutien à mobilité internationale” program) from February to August 2020.
  • March 2020: Deadline for the application of the CNRS researcher of the selected TANDEM team for her/his two-year “affectation” at CEFRES (September 2020–August 2022).


Feel free to send any inquiries related to your TANDEM application, especially to find a potential AV ČR research partner, to the following coordinators: 

  • Taťána Petrasová, member of the Academy Council of AV ČR and coordinator of AV ČR for the TANDEM program. E-mail:
  • Jérôme Heurtaux, Director of CEFRES and coordinator for CEFRES and CNRS for the TANDEM program. The CEFRES Director may help CNRS (or AV ČR) applicants to find potential AV ČR (or CNRS) research partners. E-mail:
  • Helena Štefanová, AV ČR, Division of International Cooperation, Národní 3, 117 20 Prague 1 – Tel.: (+420) 221 403 287. E-mail:
Application date
2 years
Europe : France, Czech Republic
Social sciences
Required post-doc experience
Between 0 and 99 years
Grants available