Driving Urban Transitions (DUT)


We support cities to tackle urban challenges!

Through research and innovation as well as capacity building we enable urban players, such as local authorities and municipalities, service and infrastructure providers, and of course the citizens themselves to translate global strategies into local action. We develop the skills and tools to make urban change happen and boost the urgently needed urban transformations towards a sustainable future with an enhanced quality of life for citizens.

The Driving Urban Transitions (DUT) Partnership is an intergovernmental research and innovation programme addressing key challenges of urban transitions. Our ambition is to shape and facilitate an innovation eco–system so that all urban actors can engage and benefit. With currently 67 partners from 28 countries the DUT Partnership addresses the challenges which European cities face in their endeavour to become sustainable and enhance the quality of life for their citizens. The DUT Partnership also contributes substantially to the European Union Mission: Climate-neutral and Smart Cities Mission of Climate-neutral Cities, the European Green Deal, and the Urban Agenda for the EU.

The DUT partners jointly develop a European R&I strategy, implement joint calls and grants, and – with a strong participatory approach –  translate the results of the funded projects into practice. A major objective of our partnership is to engage and collaborate with the manifold urban stakeholders to share experience and expertise and co-create knowledge and good practices. In this way the DUT Partnership helps creating more inclusive, safe, resilient, climate-neutral and sustainable cities across Europe. 

DUT Partnership in a nutshell

Are you looking for a concise document that outlines the DUT Partnership in fewer than 10 pages? Take a moment to explore our recently published DUT in a Nutshell publication with new figures. This summary provides an overview of the Partnership’s vision, objectives, and Transition Pathways. Discover more about our activities and how they contribute to a transformative Research and Innovation Program.

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