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HOSEI University was selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as a grant recipient under the Top Global University Project in FY 2014. This project is one of the government’s initiatives to provide financial support for internationalizing university education. It aims to overcome the passive attitudes of the younger generations, and develop students who are empowered to act in a global world. Such students will serve as the global human resources necessary for improving Japan’s global competitiveness and international ties.

The title of our vision is “Creating the Global University: Toward a sustainable society from pioneering Japan.” As a center of research on the history, environment, culture and other aspects of Japan, we bring together a wide range of research activities from around the world here at HOSEI University as we strive to serve as a leader of globalization in Japan through the establishment and conveyance of sustainable education with origins in our own country. This educational approach aims to achieve not only sustainability of natural environments, but also stable socioeconomic sustainability as well as cultural sustainability rooted in a rich array of developments and our country’s long history.

In order to facilitate the accomplishment of their goals by 2023, institutions selected for the Top Global University Project receive special subsidies and are taking various measures such as proactive efforts to increase numbers of international students at HOSEI University, numbers of Japanese students studying abroad, and numbers of inbound and outbound foreign exchange students. Project participants are asked to engage in cooperative efforts to enhance the global presence of Japanese universities.

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