Institute of Advanced Transdisciplinary Studies

IEAT was created in 1999 on an experimental basis subjected to the Dean’s Office. Formalized by resolution 03/2005 in May 12, 2005, it aims to carry out teaching and extension research and its mission is to promote transdisciplinarity by approaching, articulating and overlapping disciplinary fields and traditional areas of knowledge. In order to accomplish these goals, IEAT seeks its own identity by promoting transdisciplinarity, linking the contributions of the existing disciplinary methodologies, allowing strongly contextualized approaches, including the arts, science and technology, and generating new characteristics. In this proposal, the trans arises in the form of alternative methodologies that, based on concepts such as “levels of reality,” work at the borders of the disciplines and specialties, seeking to decode what unites and surpasses them. The border is understood, in the words of Evandro Mirra (Conhecimento e Transdisciplinaridade. Editora UFMG, 2000) “as a space of exchange and not a barrier, processes that incite migration of concepts, exploration of novel territories, modifying dialogues with the diverse, processes that do not exhaust the partition of a single object among different disciplines, prisoners of singular viewpoints, irreducible, stagnant, incommunicable.” (Author’s translation).

America : Brazil
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