Lorentz Center

International Center for Workshops in the Sciences

The Lorentz Center is an international center that coordinates and hosts workshops in the sciences, based on the philosophy that science thrives on interaction between creative researchers. Lorentz Center workshops focus on new collaborations and interactions between scientists from different countries and fields, and with varying seniority.

The Lorentz Center concept

In order to allow both junior and senior researchers to catch up with the rapid international developments and to establish new contacts and collaboration, Lorentz Center workshops bring together junior and senior researchers in a stimulating environment with personal working space for all participants as well as normal meeting facilities. Through a combination of informal talks, working sessions and discussions, participants are able to assess the status of a field and its future, and to collaborate, establish new international contacts, and spot upcoming talent.

Workshops can be proposed and organised by any researcher from any country. Workshops organised by researchers from different scientific backgrounds and nationalities are encouraged. Proposals for workshops are reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Boards. Currently, within the natural sciences, the advisory boards are astronomy, informatics, life sciences, mathematics, and physics. With a scope reaching beyond the natural sciences, we have advisory boards also in computational science and one for the NIAS-Lorentz program; our collaboration with Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS; see below).

Collaboration with NIAS

In collaboration with the social sciences and humanities institute NIAS located nearby, the Lorentz Center welcomes proposals for interdisciplinary workshops that bring together one or more disciplines of the Lorentz Center with those of the NIAS. Proposals for these workshops are reviewed by the NIAS-Lorentz Center Advisory Board.

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