Moody Foundation

The Moody Foundation is a charitable foundation incorporated in Texas and based in the island city of Galveston. It was chartered in 1942 by William Lewis Moody, Jr. and his wife Libbie Shearn Rice Moody "to benefit, in perpetuity, present and future generations of Texans." The foundation focuses the majority of its funding on programs involving education, social services, children’s needs, and community development.

The foundation makes grants through its Galveston, Texas headquarters and through a field office located in Dallas. In fiscal year 2006, it reported assets of $1.197 billion and approved $33 million in grants for projects that focused on education, social services, children’s needs, and community development. In terms of assets, it is one of the largest foundations in Texas, and among the top 100 largest charitable foundations in the United States.

The foundation commits the majority of its grants and funding to the foundation-initiated projects of Moody Gardens and the Transitional Learning Center, both located in its home city of Galveston. However over the past decade, it has begun expanding the scope of its grants to include projects across Texas, as long as they fall within its field of charitable focus.

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