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The Humanities Center fosters world-leading research in the humanities. We facilitate collaboration among the diverse research communities of Texas Tech, the nation, and the globe in pursuit of richer conceptualizations of human cultural production. To this end, we promote critical investigations, articulations, and alliances which both strengthen existing partnerships and imagine new ones.

The Center awards competitive fellowships to researchers. In addition, the Center sponsors a year-long research project that is post-disciplinary in nature and that addresses an issue of broad significance to the humanities. Each yearly theme is administered by a core group of researchers, who organize a lecture series and other events. Finally, the Center coordinates humanities resources and initiatives across campus and provides support to all humanities research at Texas Tech.

As Texas Tech's hub for humanistic inquiry, the Center presents the full range of critical engagement explored in our research to non-specialists. On campus, we organize intensive pedagogical endeavors under the year's research theme in order to instill the analytic tools and critical thinking necessary to succeed at Texas Tech and beyond. Looking outward, we require that all sponsored fellows offer a serious, but accessible public lecture detailing the results of their research to the community. These, and all public lectures sponsored by the Center, will be recorded and made available via the Center's website and social media channels.

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