Waseda Institute for Advanced Study (WIAS)

Waseda University

WIAS was founded in 2006 as a strategic core to support the development of Waseda University’s research and academic capabilities. It is independent from all other faculties of the university and its primary missions are to develop the cohort of promising post-doctoral researchers, to enhance scholarly excellence in the humanities and social and natural sciences and to encourage dialogue between disciplines.

Since its establishment, WIAS has recruited worldwide around 10 researchers annually on term-limited contacts and offered a quality study environment to devote themselves to the cutting-edge of their research. To strengthen both interdisciplinary and international interactions, WIAS has invited distinguished researchers as visiting fellows from all over the world and also implemented research projects as the univeristy faculty groups, contributing substantial academic exchanges throughout the university. WIAS continues to provide leading researchers with forums for study and promote interdisciplinary study as the gathering place of researchers without limitations of fields.

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