Chaires artistique internationale : "Arts, sociétés et mutations contemporaines"

International residency in visual arts

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Pas d’appel à candidature pour l’année 2023-2024.


The Nantes Institute for Advanced Study, is establishing a new fellowship in "Arts, Societies and Contemporary Mutations." In this context, the IEA in collaboration with local partners, Lieu Unique, the Nantes Saint-Nazaire School of Fine Arts and Nantes Métropole, is offering an international artistic and research residency to artists from the global south.

This residency is supported by Nantes Métropole – Culture Department.


The chair supports the development of research in art that dialogues with the humanities and social sciences in order to question the contemporary mutations of our societies. By considering artistic practices in terms of research, the residency participates in the emergence of new research territories (practices and forms, working methods, production regimes, etc.) exploring, through the crossing of disciplines, societal and environmental changes. It engages methodological questions and reflections on the nature of the knowledge incorporated, produced, and transmitted by these practices.


This residency is open to professional artists living and working in the Global South. More precisely, we are targeting artists from the following regions: Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, South and Central America. Applicants are expected to have at least five years of professional experience at the time of the start of their residency, which should be supported through their active participation in public life, the dissemination of their work in an appropriate format such as (exhibitions, publications, performances, etc.).

Conditions of the residency

The selected fellow will be hosted at the Nantes IAS, a space of intellectual exchange between residents from various disciplinary and geographical backgrounds. The IAS will provide accommodation, a working space (office), and access to library services. The IAS also provides an atmosphere where regular group meetings and activities with the residents are organized. In such a context, the visiting artist is required to present her/his work in the weekly seminar organized by the IAS and to participate in the weekly seminars and other activities organized by the IAS.

In the same vein, the School of Fine Arts will host times of intervention of the artist according to the following modalities: 

  • 12 days maximum of workshop for students (pedagogical proposal to be defined with the artist)
  • A public conference to present the artist's work upon his arrival in Nantes

The production budget must be justified (ceiling of 2000 €) and the residency does not have the capacity to hold and produce large format pieces.

The artist is requested to bring her/his own material. S/he will have access to the software, equipments and shared workshops of the Nantes St Nazaire School of Fine Arts (access schedule to be defined according to the artist's research project).

At the end of the residency, the artist will have the opportunity to publicly present her/his work at the lieu unique (in the format that best suits the resident) to give her/him the opportunity to meet a wider audience.

Duration and period

6 months from January to June 2023

During the residency, the artist may make occasional business trips, which will be at his/her own expense.

Language Requirements

The artist must be able to express her/himself in English or in French.

Presentation of the venues

The IAS-Nantes is situated in a unique building, located on the banks of the river Loire and specifically designed for its needs. There can be found about twenty individual offices fully equipped, a resource center (the Julien Gracq library), a lounge/restaurant with a loggia, a patio with garden, an amphitheater and various meeting rooms.

Moreover, the IAS has twenty fully-equipped apartments (from a studio to a three-bedroom apartment) that can be attributed to Fellows, taking into account the size of their family. Located in a building adjacent to the IAS’, these apartments allow the Fellows to come and go at any time of the day or the night.

Selection criteria

The selection of the resident artist will be based on the following criteria:

  • Artistic and scientific quality of the research project, its originality, relevance to contemporary issues.
  • Attention will be paid to projects that explicitly highlight links between the artistic project and the Humanities and Social sciences.
  • Potential of the project to engage with the research projects of the host institutions, such as the residents of the IEA (list of residents is provided in the appendix)
  • Relevance of the mobility linked to the artistic and research project
  • The candidate’s ability to present her/his work and to enter into dialogue with colleagues, students and the general public in Nantes.
  • Ability to lead a workshop with students of higher artistic education
  • Particular attention will be paid to inter-disciplinary approaches and practices using different methods and materials.


The artist will receive a remuneration and benefits package that includes:

  • A monthly stipend that includes time spent in the workshops with the students (2000 € per month).
  • Free accommodation.
  • Free use of office space and access to library services
  • Insurance (75€ per month).
  • Production costs (up to €2000).
  • Visa and return ticket from the domicile


The artist will be selected by a scientific and artistic committee made up of artists, researchers, professionals in the field of visual arts, as well as representatives of the partner institutions, IEA, le Lieu Unique, the Nantes Saint-Nazaire School of Fine Arts and Nantes Metropole.


All applications must be submitted no later than the 31st of August 2022 via this link :

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Application file (pdf documents / maximum size 10Mb)

  • application form (civil status, title of the project, working methods, description of the eventual production, articulation of the artistic project with the Human and Social Sciences, practical informations…)
  • CV
  • Portfolio including captioned images (10 pages max)
  • Two letters of recommendation and/or mentions of two previous partners

Admission process

  • 31/08/22 deadline application
  • September 2022: Review of applications
  • End of September: interviews of the pre-selected
  • October 2022: Decision of the selection committee and announcement of the results
  • November 2022: Finalization of the admission of the selected candidate

Informations : Estelle Cheon – Ecole des Beaux Arts de Nantes Saint Nazaire tél : +33 (0)2 55 58 65 15 / +33 (0)6 31 24 69 50

Date de candidature
6 months
Humanités : Art et histoire de l'art