APF Marian R. Stuart Grant

The Marian R. Stuart Grant will further the research, practice, or education of an early career psychologist on the connection between mental and physical health, particularly for work that contributes to public health.

Examples include but are not limited to research-based programs that teach medical doctors counseling skills; research-based programs on the effect of behavior on health; and research-based programs on psychologists’ role in medical settings for the benefit of patients.

Preference will be given to psychologists working in medical schools. 

Evaluation Criteria

  • Quality, viability and potential impact of the proposed project.
  • Originality, innovation and contribution to the field.
  • Applicant’s demonstrated competence and capability to execute the proposed work.
  • Allocation of resources and criticality of funding for execution of work (particularly if part of a larger funded effort).


Applicants must:

  • Be an early career researcher (no more than 10 years postdoctoral).
  • Be affiliated with a nonprofit charitable, educational, or scientific institution, or governmental entity operating exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.
  • Have demonstrated competence and capacity to execute the proposed work.

IRB approval must be received from host institution before funding can be awarded if human participants are involved.

Submission Process

Please be advised that APF does not provide feedback to applicants on their proposals.

Proposal Requirements

Please include the following in a single document (Not to exceed five pages, one-inch margins, 11-point Times New Roman/Garamond Font, single space):

  • Goals, relevant background/literature review
  • Methods (must be detailed enough so that the design, assessments and procedures can be evaluated)
  • Anticipated outcomes, significance and impact

Additionally, please submit the following documents:

  • Project timeline (not to exceed one page; typically, APF grants are for one year)
  • Detailed budget and justification (not to exceed one page)
  • Abbreviated CV (not to exceed five pages)

APF does not allow institutional indirect costs or overhead costs. Applicants may use grant monies for direct administrative costs of their proposed project.

Application date
Social sciences : Psychology & Cognitive Sciences