AXA Research Fund Post-Doctoral Fellowships

The AXA Research Fund’s mission is to support outstanding researchers and it is committed to improving peoples’ lives through innovative research in areas of Climate & Environment, Health, and Socio-Economics.

AXA Research Fund

AXA Fellowships aim at supporting promising early-career researchers, defined as no more than five years past the completion of their PhD,on a topic aligned with AXA’s priorities and societal challenges. The support of AXA Research Fund should be transformative for the researcher and the advancement of their field.


An AXA Postdoctoral Fellowship is awarded for a period of 2 years


An AXA Fellowship isawarded for a maximum amount of 125,000€in total, to be spent over the twoyears.It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit a carefully calibrated budget, appropriate for the ambition of the researc h program and justified in a detailed and coherent manner.

The budget will help cover:

  • Annual salary of the researcher(based on institution internal policy)
  • Equipment/resources (databases, survey costs, consumables, etc.), academic activities (conferences, workshops, fieldwork, etc.)
  • Outreach activities (beyond academic audiences).

Any other type of costs not listed above should be justified in the application template. No overhead costs can be eligible. No additional budget will be granted. Budget reallocationduring an ongoing project must be strongly justified.


Application date
2 years
Social sciences