CNRS Call for International Joint Research Projects (PICS)

A PICS is a joint research program aimed at supporting joint research projects carried out by two teams, one from CNRS and one from abroad. Funding required by the cooperation to support exchanges comes from both partners. In situations where cooperation with a foreign partner is well-established, and has resulted in joint publications in scientific journals, it is possible to formalize the relationship through PICS.

Besides the PICS call for proposals, CNRS jointly organizes calls for joint research projects (PRC) with specific partner institutions abroad.

Who can submit a proposal ?

  • In France, CNRS researchers, as well as academic staff from other institutions who work in CNRS-affiliated research units.
  • Outside France, researchers and academic staff from a research organization or university.

How and when to apply ?

A call for proposals is published annually on the website of the CNRS European Research and International Cooperation Office (DERCI). The foreign partner must simultaneously request a support letter from their home institution. A provisional budget is to be presented with the research project proposal.

How are applications evaluated ?

At CNRS, evaluation is carried out by the relevant thematic Institutes.

How are PICS funded ?

Both institutions participate in PICS funding. Funding covers research trips, meetings, and running expenses if needed. Funding begins at the start of the fiscal year following the decision to carry out a joint project within the framework of the PICS.

Scientific and financial reports must be submitted annually.

  • Opening date: April 10th, 2018
  • Closing date: May 30th, 2018
  • Notification of selection results : February 2019
Application date
3 years
Social sciences