Doctoral and Post-doc Grants awarded by the IFAO


These scholarships are granted to doctoral or post-doctoral students living outside Egypt who need to spend a study period in Egypt.

Grant procedures

  • Grants are awarded per month and are renewable. The total duration of the stay can not be less than a month and should not exceed the duration of the awarded grant. The IFAO can accept no administrative responsibility for grant-holders beyond their allocated period of stay.
  • The grant awarded will cover travel and accommodotation expenses. The monthly stipend (1000 euros) has been determined by the IFAO administration board. On condition of availability of space on the premises and for the requisite fee, the IFAO can provide lodging for grant-holders. Grant-holders who need to stay in other parts of Egypt must find lodgings on their own.
  • At the end of their stay, grant-holders will submit a progress report to the director of the IFAO or to the director of studies.
  • Any person coming to the IFAO as a grant-holder must have personal health and social security coverage and medical repatriation insurance.

Qualification requirements

  • The applicant for a doctoral grant must be a registered PhD student.
  • The applicant for a post-doctoral grant must be within five years of defending the dissertation.
  • The applicant must reside outside Egypt and undertake research that requires residence in Egypt.

Application Process

  • Applications should be sent to the director of the IFAO by email:
  • The application must include a curriculum vitae, the detailed presentation of a clearly defined research project for the stay, accompanied by a letter of reference and recommendation from the applicant’s supervisor (for PhD students) or his/her research director (for post-docs).
  • Deadline for applications is 31 May 2024 for stays between 1st january and 30 June 2025.
  • The director of the IFAO, after consultation with the director of studies, the scientific members and the scientific council of the IFAO, will announce the recipients
Application date
1 month +
Humanities : Archaeology, Arts and Art history, Classical Studies, History