EUTOPIA Researcher Mobility Programme

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Deadline 2023: Researchers' visits must be completed by May 31, 2023. Visit report submission by June 28, 2023. 


The objective of the Researcher Mobility Program is to support research visits of EUTOPIA researchers across EUTOPIA partner universities, in order to foster research collaborations and to allow the sharing of expertise and infrastructures and the development of joint research activities (e.g. common publications, PhD co-tutelles, joint applications for external research funds etc.), in line with EUTOPIA’s mission to promote a connected and inclusive academic community, addressing global and local challenges and advancing excellence and inclusion.

The programme has been first developed as part of the EUTOPIA 2050 Erasmus+ project.

24 research visits have been undertaken over the duration of the EUTOPIA 2050 project (December 2019-November 2022).

From January 2023 to May 2023, the Researcher Mobility Programme will be financed under the EUTOPIA TRAIN project (Grant agreement N° 101017419 EUTOPIA-TRAIN).

All visits financed under the EUTOPIA Researcher Mobility Program should be project-led and allow the development and furthering of research collaborations between the researchers of the EUTOPIA Alliance. The program is open to all academic disciplines and topics. Projects addressing key societal challenges of our time, and related to EUTOPIA’s overarching theme “Planetary well-being” are especially encouraged.

  • by EUTOPIA researchers to the local programme manager of their home institution
  • by researchers from international partner universities, outside of EUTOPIA, to the local programme manager of their host institution

Local Programme Managers

Vrije Universiteit Brussel: secretariaat,

CY Cergy Paris University: Karine Gambier Leroy, Secretary General of the Institut for Advanced Studies, CY Cergy Paris University, 

University of Gothenburg: Henrik Lindskog, Research Support Grants and Innovation Office, University of Gothenburg,

University of Ljubljana: Rebeka Lesjak, Research support advisor, University office for Research, University of Ljubljana,

Pompeu Fabra University: Mireia Calm, EUTOPIA Office,

University of Warwick: Institute of Advanced Study,


Sylvie Niessen, Director of International Scientific Development, CY Cergy Paris University,


2-3 weeks
Humanities : Anthropology & Ethnology, History, Linguistics, Literature
Social sciences : Law, Economy, Geography, Management and Public administration, Political science, Pedagogic & Education Research, Environmental Sciences, Sociology