IAS Warwick Visiting Professor/Associate Professor


These fellowships will create substantial links with academics and other high-profile figures from around the globe who can help us achieve our mission and enrich the academic life of the University for both staff and students. Fellows participate in academic life at Warwick through a mixture of in person and remotely delivered activities.

Offer to Fellows

  • Title IAS Visiting Professor/Associate Professor
  • Fellowships are awarded for 12 months during which time visits to Warwick of up to 3 months in total can take place. This may be split into a number of shorter visits (if budget allows). Longer visits can be accommodated in exceptional circumstances or where supporting funds are available.
  • Travel costs up to £2500
  • Up to £500 to support fellowship activities delivered during visits
  • Accommodation in IAS facilities and expenses (per-diem) when based at Warwick.
  • University email account and ID card which will enable access to the library, sports centre and other University facilities including access to the host department’s equipment and facilities, as agreed by the Department.
  • Participation in IAS and host department wider research activity

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Expectations of Fellows

Fellows will be hosted by their nominator, and will largely be based in the nominators department, but will be expected to undertake a programme of activities which engage across departments and disciplines. These activities will involve a combination of in-person and remotely delivered events throughout the year so the fellow can engage with as wide a range of the staff and students at Warwick as possible. The fellowship activities should be appropriate to the scholarship and experience of the fellow and may include activities such as:

  • Specific research collaborations and development of publications & funding applications with the nominating host and other academics
  • Networking and engagement with IAS postdoctoral fellows and other early career researchers to give insight into academic career development and opportunities outside the UK
  • Exploration of further collaborative research opportunities with groups/individuals beyond the Principal Applicants research area
  • Work with GRPs, Institutes etc
  • Research and/or training events targeted at early career scholars (e.g. IAS Accolade Programme, DTPs, Faculty postdoc groups etc) which aim to develop knowledge and expertise not otherwise available at Warwick
  • Events aimed at public audience, possibly in collaboration with Warwick Institute of Engagement
  • Research talks and other events aimed at an engaging an audience beyond the Fellow’s immediate field of specialism and developing new research collaborations
  • Presentation of Fellow’s core research to specific disciplinary audience (e.g. departmental seminars, guest lectures for UG/PG students
  • Cross-university and/or cross-sector meetings
  • Workshops/Seminars/Teaching for UG/PG students
  • Any other activities which meet the aims of the programme

Appointment type

Commonly, visiting associates will be individuals of appropriate academic/professional standing who are employed by another university or similar institution. Visiting associates may also be from outside academia, such as in the arts or business. The association will be made at an appropriate academic standing equivalent to a University of Warwick appointment level (Associate Professor or Professor).

Application date
12 months
Social sciences