MESHS Short-term Fellowships Program


MESHS Short-Term Fellowships program is a research mobility program financed by the MESHS with the support of “Region Hauts-de-France“.

Short-Term Fellowships program funds research exchanges of up to one month. It targets outstanding experienced researchers from all over the world who seek to engage in research in HSS laboratories, located in Region Hauts-de-France laboratories. Any discipline of the Humanities and Social Sciences is concerned.

Applications are submitted by the local hosting researchers and the incoming researchers, who wish to be hosted in one of our associated laboratories.

The call for application is now open. Dead-line until 17th January 2020

Application file must be sent by email in a single signed .pdf document at


  • Publication of the call for proposals: 18th November 2019
  • Application deadline: 17th January 2020
  • Release of the successful applicants: 4th February 2020
  • Implementation period: Missions must be carried out between 10th February 2020 and 23rd November 2020.

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered eligible for support,

NB: Please be in touch with our international office as early as possible if you need laboratories contacts (


The successful candidate will receive a mission order including a cover for his / her living expenses, as detailed below.

The fellowship contributes towards travel costs and subsistence costs.

  • Subsistence costs will be based on University of Lille mission expenses flat rate reimbursement (15,25 € for lunch / 90 € per night). It is also possible for the MESHS to book and pay the hotel directly; in this case, only the meal expenses will be reimbursed at the end of the mission.
  • Travel: MESHS will purchase itself round trip ticket and send it electronically to the beneficiary.

In the special case where the applicant could be hosted free of charge or at a much lower cost, it is permitted to propose a fixed refund amount covering the assumption of meals and expenses on site such as urban travel, instead of using the flat rate allowances.

Please note that the maximum budget allocated for each fellow shall not exceed 5 000 €.

Successful candidates may receive an advance on mission expenses of up to 75% of the total evaluated on request. The balance will be paid upon return and will be subject to the submission to the MESHS Finance Department of all supporting documents for expenses, within a maximum of one week after the return from the mission.

Procedures to request an advance are handled by the financial department of the University of Lille. Please note that the processing times may vary and increase during holiday periods.

By applying to this call, you agree to go on mission, regardless of the time the advance on mission expenses is received. This commitment does not apply in case of absolute necessity.

Selection Process

The criteria taken into account include:

  • Academic Relevance of the Research Project
  • Beneficial Effects of a Research Trip to France
  • Contribution of the mobility Project to internationalisation of MESHS research program . The mobility project can be inserted into both a program and / or an axis. But any particularly innovative and interdisciplinary project will also be examined, even if it does not fit strictly into the programs and / or axes.

Special attention will be given to projects opening up new collaborations and/or targeting collective impacts. MESHS fellows are selected through a merit-based competition and evaluation process involving expert evaluators from MESHS scientific board.

Duration and Period of Support

Short-Term Fellowships are intended for visits up to 4 weeks. Missions must be carried out between 10th February 2020 and 23rd November 2020.

End of Fellowship


At the end of the fellowship, beneficiaries of the support commit themselves to providing MESHS with a report of their activity at the host institute. The report should be sent to

The final report must be submitted to the fellowship office within 1 month of completing the research visit. The report should be about three pages summarizing the results as well as possible plans for further work to be undertaken. Upon receipt of the final report, MESHS office will send a certificate stating the start date, duration and title of the research visit.

Public Restitution

For the sake of the academic community and public funder “Region Hauts-de-France”, MESHS will organize a restitution day between December 2020 and January 2021. Beneficiaries commit themselves to taking part to this meeting (videoconferencing or video presentation will be possible).



Application date
1-4 weeks
Social sciences