Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies International Visiting Research Scholar Program

The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies is offering International Visiting Research Scholars (IVRS) awards of $15,000 to bring some of the world’s best scholars to UBC.

Exceptional scholars who have achieved the highest levels of distinction in their fields, and whose work has had a broad impact well beyond any one discipline are invited to spend time at UBC and the Peter Wall Institute. Ideal candidates will have demonstrated their commitment to working across disciplinary boundaries.

The Institute will partner with UBC faculties, departments and research centres to attract outstanding scholars to UBC for an extended stay, providing opportunities to foster interdisciplinary academic exchange and catalyze new research directions between UBC and international scholars.

IVRS will spend a minimum of three weeks at UBC, with part-time residence at the Institute, during the academic term from September 2020 - May 2021.

*Host Faculty* All visiting scholars must be hosted by at least two UBC faculty members from different departments. Please download the application form for IVRS candidates.

The Institute is now accepting applications for International Visiting Research Scholars visiting UBC during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Deadline: Monday, March 2nd 2020

Application date
3 weeks minimum
Social sciences