Centre de recherches politiques de Sciences Po (CEVIPOF)

Reference Center for Political Science

Founded in 1960, and associate ' with the CNRS since 1968, the Center of political researches of Sciences Po (CEVIPOF) analyzes the big currents and political ideas which fashion the strengths and the political institutions, as well as the factors which contribute to direct the political behavior and attitudes of our fellow citizens.

 CEVIPOF gathers more than 80 researchers, teachers-researchers, associated researchers and PhD students.

International and interdisciplinary, it contributes, by his empirical and theoretical, works,  in the understanding of the social and political change in France, in Europe and in the great contemporary democracies.

Scientific Politics

The scientific politics of the laboratory is to strengthen the scientific dynamism of the unit . to improve its internationalization and to maintain the attractiveness with PhD students and future recruits.

The disciplinary diversity of its researchers (political science, sociology, economics, political theory, philosophy and political philosophy, physics and biology) makes it possible to better understand the transformations in the relationship of citizens to the functioning of democracy.

This multidisciplinarity is structured around two major poles:

  • Attitudes, opinions and political behaviors
  •  Political Thought, Political Theory and History of Political Ideas

National and international positioning

The CEVIPOF began substantial changes on the international insertion of the researchers in the disciplinary networks and the increase of partnerships and collaborations.

Europe : France (Paris Île-de-France)
Institution type
French Institutions : University

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