Collegium de Lyon

Université de Lyon

The Collegium de Lyon is an international and multidisciplinary IAS, focusing on social sciences without excluding exact sciences. Its purpose is to create an academic community based on a culture of excellence, supporting exchanges between disciplines, cultures and languages.

The Institute benefits from Lyon's overall academic environment, coupling its research to the scientific and educational potential of the city (universities and grandes écoles, research networks, institutions), with the vision of developing cross-disciplinary reflections and launching pioneering research.

The Collegium de Lyon's primary ambition is to link the Institute's research program to the diffusion of knowledge for action. In the domain of public policy, it should therefore act as an intermediary between the research sphere and political and social issues. Research undertaken within the Institute should comprise reflections informing the construction of public policy: urban policy and planning, health policy and risk management, cultural policy, international relations and urban powers, development of heritage sites, etc.

During their stay at the Collegium de Lyon, Fellows will engage in research projects either on an individual basis, or grouped around themes which resonate with the Collegium's research priorities. They are also given the opportunity of forming thematic-based research groups in collaboration either with other Fellows engaged in pursuing common goals, or with other researchers working in the same field.

Europe : France (South-East)
Institution type
French Institutions : Institute for advanced study

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