Fondation Banque de France

Fondation Banque de France is Bank of France’s sponsor for research in Money, Finance and Banking. It acts as a catalyst for research, focusing on relevant policy issues and implementing competitive selection processes.

Fondation Banque de France fosters the potential synergy between the academic community and the Bank of France. It encourages interactions, with a view to associating the Bank with the deepening of knowledge and the production of research as a public good.


The mission of the Banque de France Foundation for Monetary, Financial and Banking Economic Research is to foster research through awarding grants, organising conferences and seminars and operating a visiting scholar programme.

The Banque de France Foundation was declared of public interest by the Decree of 8 August 1995. It is managed by a board of directors presided over by the Governor of the Banque de France and comprises members of the Banque de France, the public administration and higher education. The foundation is aided by a Scientific Committee made up of internationally renowned academics.

Among its principle activities, the Banque de France Foundation:

  • awards grants to foster research in the fields of money, finance and banking via regular requests for proposals,
  • invites researchers to the Foundation as part of the framework of its Visiting Scholars programme,
  • provides financial support to research institutes, either via membership or by financing symposia and seminars,
  • awards an annual monetary thesis and “young researcher” prize,
  • organises an annual conference (“Journées de la Fondation”), as well as regular events.
Europe : France (Paris Île-de-France)
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French Institutions : Private foundation, charity or company

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