German Marshall Fund of the United States - Paris office

The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) is a nonpartisan American public policy think tank and grantmaking institution dedicated to promoting cooperation and understanding between North America and Europe.

Founded in 1972 through a gift from the West German government on the 25th anniversary of the Marshall Plan, GMF contributes research and analysis on transatlantic and global issues; convenes policy and business leaders at7 international conferences; provides exchange opportunities for emerging American and European leaders; and supports initiatives to strengthen democracies. The GMF focuses on policy, leadership, and civil society.

In addition to its headquarters in Washington, D.C., GMF has offices in several European cities.

Led by Dr. Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer, the Paris office strengthens French-U.S. dialogue and cooperation on transatlantic and global issues by acting as a key forum for policymakers, business leaders, academics, and experts. The Paris office convenes high-level public and private events, strategy groups and conducts policy research with practical recommendations on six key areas:

  • U.S. foreign policy and the future of U.S. global leadership
  • The future of the European Union and NATO
  • French-U.S. and transatlantic relations
  • International security
  • Geo-economics and trade
  • ​Energy security

Launched in Paris in July 2012, the Transatlantic Security Program  brings a group of 30 high-level U.S. and European security experts, strategic thinkers, and government and private sector representatives together in Paris and other GMF locations, three times a year, to explore the security priorities for transatlantic cooperation in the years to come and serve as a forum to stimulate and organize a much-needed transatlantic security dialogue on looming threats and possibilities of cooperation.

The Paris office has developed an extensive program on the theme of the Future of U.S. Global Leadership, which includes a great variety of projects, events, speaker series and paper series, in association with multiple partners, and is designed to enhance a European understanding of the future of U.S. global leadership and to assess and anticipate the impact of strategic orientations of U.S. foreign policy on the future of European policies.

The Marshall Memorial Fellowship (MMF) is a key component of GMF’s French-U.S. young leaders’ network. Every year, the Paris office selects the French candidates from the public and private sectors, regularly makes the fellows an integral part of GMF’s activities, and helps extend their reach by connecting them with transatlantic and European policy and business audiences.

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