National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)

The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) was established on February 14, 1986. It is an institution directly under the jurisdiction of the State Council, tasked with the administration of the National Natural Science Fund from the Central Government.

Since its establishment, NSFC has comprehensively introduced and implemented a rigorous and objective merit-review system to fulfill its mission of supporting basic research, fostering talented researchers, developing international cooperation and promoting socioeconomic development.

The administrative system has been well developed and improved for the decision-making of the funding policy, the implementation of funding programs and the supervision of funding operation. The management system of project implementation and a complete set of regulations have been formulated.

It has gradually established its funding system focusing on the three categories of programs those include research promotion, talent fostering and infrastructure construction for basic research.

Along with the continuously increasing investment in basic research by the government, NSFC’s annual budget has increased from 80 million RMB in 1986 to 17 billion RMB in 2012. At present, about 38,000 new awards to over 1500 host institutions are granted per year, and most of these awards go to individuals or groups of investigators. Others provide funding for instruments and facilities that allow scientists to work at the outer most frontiers of knowledge.

NSFC encourages international cooperation and exchange in basic research. It has signed 70 Cooperative Agreements or MoUs with partners in 35 countries and regions.

Looking ahead, NSFC will stress on the following aspects in its future development: innovative research, talents cultivation, international cooperation and management of excellence. NSFC is proud to be a key contributor to the progress and prosperity of Chinese basic research, and meanwhile grow along with it.

Main Responsibilities

NSFC is an institution directly under the jurisdiction of the State Council to administrate the National Natural Science Fund. In accordance with the Government’s strategis and plans for the development of science and technology, NSFC is responsible for directing, coordinating and making effective use of the national natural science fund to support basic research and stimulate free exploration, identify and foster scientific talents, as well as to promote progress in science and technology and the harmonious socioeconomic development for the nation.

The main responsibilities of NSFC are:

  • Formulate and implement funding plans to support basic research, identify and foster scientific talents, accept project applications, organize peer review, administrate funded projects, promote the effective allocation of scientific resources, and create a favorable environment for innovation;
  • Formulate principles, policies and plans for the national development of basic research in accordance with the governmental administrations for science and technology, and provide consultations for major issues in the science and technology development of the country;
  • Implement works entrusted by the State Council and relevant governmental administrations, and joint funding activities with relevant institutions;
  • Establish partnerships with governmental administrations for science and technology, funding agencies and academic institutions in other countries and regions and conduct international collaborations.
  • Provide supports to other science foundations in China;
  • Undertake other tasks assigned by the State Council.
Asia : China
Institution type
Non French Institutions : Public research coordinating or funding body

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