PRISM┋Perception, Representations, Image, Sound, Music

Aix-Marseille Université

PRISM associates various scientific disciplines together with the arts, on questions related to Perception and Representations. These questions are addressed through three shared objects of study: sound, image and music. This unprecedented laboratory is supported by the Aix-Marseille University and the CNRS.


The scientific activities of the laboratory are structured in 9 transverse themes that deal with fundamental, technological, societal and industrial issues centered around image, sound and music.

  • Theme 1 : Langage of sounds
  • Theme 2 : Virtual and augmented perception
  • Theme 3 : Experiences of consciousness and health engineering
  • Theme 4 : Epistemology of practicies
  • Theme 5 : Historicity and actuality of practices
  • Theme 6 : New authorships and narrative forms
  • Theme 7 : Audio-visual and film procedures and devices
  • Theme 8 : Image-sound-music interactions
  • Theme 9 : New auditoriums, new instruments and listening practices
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