Spencer Foundation


The Spencer Foundation invests in education research that cultivates learning and transforms lives.

The Spencer Foundation has been a leading funder of education research since 1971 and is the only national foundation focused exclusively on supporting education research.

Our Motivation

We believe education research is integral to improving education, making education systems more equitable, and increasing opportunities to learn across the lifespan.

Our Goals

  • Invest in education research that is transformative, methodologically rigorous, and helps create a better society.
  • Support high-quality education research training.
  • Broaden the diversity of scholars and scholarship in education research.
  • Strengthen the impact of education research for improving educational practice.
  • Make education research more accessible to public audiences.

Our Core

We support education research that is:  

  • Rigorous: Intellectually ambitious, innovative, and methodologically sound.
  • Relevant: Touching on the most pressing questions and opportunities in education and learning, wherever it occurs.
  • Equitable: Representing a diversity of scholars and scholarship and contributing to more just learning environments.
  • Collaborative: Engaging multiple voices and disciplinary perspectives.
  • Transformative: Reaching beyond academic audiences and leading to lasting improvement in education and learning.
America : United States (Great Lakes)
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Non French Institutions : Private foundation, charity or company

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