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Fellowships in Residence Program @ Paris Seine Institute for Advanced Studies

The Paris Seine Initiative launches its fourth call for proposals to support excellence in research and international development

Cergy, 14th october 2019 – As part of the Paris Seine Initiative for Excellence, a fourth call for proposals is being launched for the development of research for 2020. It follows the 2017, 2018 and 2019 calls for proposals which supported around hundred research projects amounting to a total of €9.76m.

Appel à projets ADEME "Transitions écologiques, économiques et sociales" (APR TEES)

No applications are currently being accepted

L'APR-TEES est dédié aux sciences humaines et sociales (SHS) et se veut transversal aux différents champs d'action de l'ADEME.

L'édition précédente concernait l'évolution des comportements individuels et des pratiques des consommateurs et citoyens nécessaire à la TEE. Elle a permis de sélectionner 18 projets.

Consolidating and expanding the knowledge base on citizen science

Grassroots initiatives related to citizen science are blooming across the world. Citizen science has the potential to bring a wide variety of benefits to researchers, citizens, policy makers and society and across research and innovation (R&I) cycles. It can make science more socially relevant, accelerate and enable production of new scientific knowledge, help policy makers monitor regulatory implementation and compliance, increase public awareness about science and ownership of policy making, and increase prevalence of evidence-based policy making.

Région Bretagne┋Boost'Europe : Soutien aux porteurs de projets européens

L’ouverture à l’international est l'une des priorités de la Région Bretagne. Afin de favoriser le développement des projets européens, cette action soutient les établissements de recherche publics et privés dans leurs initiatives.


Le dispositif« Boost'Europe» propose un soutien financier aux porteurs de projets souhaitant répondre, à court ou moyen terme, aux appels à projets de recherche, d’innovation et/ou de formation à dimension européenne et/ou internationale. Il est composé de trois volets dont les objectifs sont les suivants :

Support for dissemination events in the field of Transport Research

An integral aspect of the Transport part of Horizon 2020 is to organise event(s) of a major strategic nature. The Transport Research Arena (TRA) Conferences and Aerodays are the examples of events organised in different Member States, with a high European dimension. The proposed actions should help promoting and disseminating Transport Research activities in Europe.


In 2018, proposals should address only one of the following sub-topics:

Human centred design for the new driver role in highly automated vehicles

Significant research efforts are addressing driver performance and behaviour in automated driving conditions still requiring the driver to be prepared to assume control (SAE automation level 3 and lower). In highly automated driving conditions (SAE automation level 4) the role of the driver will change dramatically since driver intervention is not required during defined use cases. This means that during a single trip there will be a coexistence of different automated driving functions demanding various degrees of human attention.

Developing and testing shared, connected and cooperative automated vehicle fleets in urban areas for the mobility of all

Shared, connected and cooperative automated vehicles may become a game changer for urban mobility. They can provide seamless door to door mobility of people and freight delivery services, which can lead to healthier, more accessible, greener and more sustainable cities, as long as they are integrated in an effective public transport system. Since a few years the development of shared automated vehicle pilots are emerging around the world. Today, most of these pilots are small-scale and involve either on-demand ride services or low-speed shuttles operating in controlled environments.

InCo flagship on “Urban mobility and sustainable electrification in large urban areas in developing and emerging economies”

Climate change, energy security and local air pollution are some of the key questions for the 21st century. Urban areas in developing and emerging countries are major driving factors in growing global energy demand and Greenhouse Gas emissions.

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