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Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education (DAFSHE)

Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education is an agency in the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.​ The Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education has responsibility for all tasks that require particular expertise within the areas of research and education – across all institutions. The agency has undertaken tasks which used to belong under the two former agencies: the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation and the Danish Agency for Higher Education. 

Internationalisation in the Humanities Grant for Collaboration between Dutch and Foreign Humanities Research Groups

The NWO budget for this instrument has been transferred to the NWO Open Competition – SSH

The Internationalisation in the Humanities grant is intended to facilitate collaboration between Dutch and foreign humanities research groups. Furthermore, NWO wants to foster the formation of international networks in the humanities and encourage funding proposals from the humanities to international agencies.

Collaborative Awards in Medical Humanities

Wellcome is committed to supporting a thriving environment for the most innovative and challenging research on health in the humanities and social sciences (HSS). We’re pleased to announce two new, one-off funding calls that will help us to do this – the International Exchange Programmes and Research Development Awards.

To focus on these new initiatives, we're going to pause the HSS Investigator and Collaborative Awards schemes for one year from mid-2020. This will not affect current holders of awards under these schemes.

Fondation L'Oréal

La Fondation L'Oréal est une fondation d'entreprise créée en 2007 par le groupe français L'Oréal (leader mondial des cosmétiques). La Fondation L’Oréal incarne la volonté du groupe L’Oréal de s’engager toujours plus dans les actions d’utilité sociale, fondées sur ses domaines d’expertise, la science et la beauté, les deux piliers qui soutiennent la réussite de L’Oréal depuis plus d’un siècle.

Comité national Coordination Action Handicap (CCAH)

Le Comité national Coordination Action Handicap (CCAH) et ses membres accompagnent les porteurs de projets du secteur handicap dans l'objectif d'améliorer la vie quotidienne des personnes handicapées et favoriser le vivre ensemble. 

Le CCAH s'appuie sur son expertise du secteur pour accompagner et financer des projets, proposer une offre de formation et de conseil aux structures engagées dans une démarche handicap et développer un pôle national d'échanges et de partage.

FIRAH Call for Projects - Self-esteem and Disability

A person who lacks self-esteem cannot believe he or she is valued by others. Lack of self-esteem may lead to the neglect of one's appearance, a common reaction, which leads to social and employment exclusion.

Persons with disabilities often suffer from how others react to them and this contributes to diminishing their self-esteem and to a tendency to take little care of themselves, which may subsequently hinder social inclusion. These two social exclusion factors are mutually aggravating.

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