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Startup Europe for Growth and Innovation Radar

The challenge is to scale up innovative businesses across the EU, detect high potential innovations and support innovators in going to market. Actions under this heading reinforce the Startup Europe and Innovation Radar initiatives and link to the activities of the European Innovation Council in a complementary way by targeting exclusively ICT innovators that are not supported by the EIC.

Coordination of marine and maritime research and innovation in the Black Sea

The Black Sea is going through rapid changes in response to closely interlinked natural and anthropogenic pressures. Climate change is influencing the physical dynamics and hydrological structure of the Black Sea, while nutrient and pollutant loads are flowing from growing urban areas, inland and coastal activities. Increasing maritime traffic is also leading to safety concerns, water and air pollution and the introduction of invasive alien species. Fishing activities in the Black Sea are unsustainable. The area's marine heritage and its ecosystem services are also at risk.

Sustainable wood value chains

Forests play a vital role in Europe's economy, society and environment. Scenarios likely to keep the global warming below 2oC (Paris Agreement goal) would entail a substantial reduction of anthropogenic GHG emissions, through far-reaching changes to energy systems, land use and associated value chains. The second consumer-driven factor of GHG emissions is the construction sector (ca. 15%), implying a significant role for forest-based products.

Appel à projet de la MSH Sud: « les Sciences Unies pour un autre Développement »

La Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Sud (MSH Sud) lance son deuxième appel à projets destiné au soutien de la recherche interdisciplinaire.

L’appel à projet concerne toutes les disciplines, sciences humaines et sociales (SHS) et autres sciences. Il est destiné à faire émerger des recherches exploratoires et transversales à fort potentiel innovant et structurant.

Cet AAP est organisé en trois sous-sections :

Exploration Japon

L’ambassade de France au Japon ouvre la 4ème édition du programme « Exploration Japon » qui propose un soutien à la mobilité pour des chercheurs d’institutions françaises, désireux d’établir un premier contact avec des équipes de recherche japonaises afin d’initier de nouvelles collaborations scientifiques franco-japonaises.

Towards risk-based screening strategies for non-communicable diseases

Prevention and early detection continue to represent areas where effective strategies have the potential to generate major impacts. Effective screening may result in earlier disease detection which provides possibilities for more effective treatments, better disease control and care. It can diminish the disease burden and the costs of healthcare systems. Personalised medicine and health digitalisation provide new opportunities to improve targeted screening interventions through the identification of subpopulations at high risk of developing a disease.

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