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ASCL Visiting Research Fellowship September-October-November 2020

The African Studies Centre Leiden calls for applications for a three-month (90 days) visiting fellowship from September up to and including November 2020. Applications from all academic disciplines are welcome. The subject of a research proposal should fit in with one or more of the Collaborative Research Groups (CRG) of the ASCL. An overview of the current CRGs can be found here: https://www.ascleiden.nl/content/collaborative-research-groups

Balzan Junior Fellowships in Global History

The fellowships are funded from the Balzan Prize for Global History awarded to Professor Jürgen Osterhammel by the Fondazione Internationale Premio Balzan. They are addressed to scholars preparing a post-doctoral research monograph ('second book') on a global history topic, preferably focused on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. 'Global history' is to be understood in a broad sense including the study of cross-cultural connectivity, comparative approaches and the history of global thought and imaginaries.


Genio is a non-profit organisation specialising in social service transformation. Genio was established to assist Government to increase cost-effective personalisation of social services. We are an experienced and passionate team of specialists with a deep understanding and track record of complex system change and reform. The hallmark of our work is ensuring that the voice of the person using services is front and centre at every level of service design and delivery. 

Bristol 'Next Generation' Visiting Researcher Programme

n the 2019-20 academic year we are launching a new Bristol ‘Next Generation’ Visiting Researcher Programme, replacing the former Benjamin Meaker ‘fast track’ scheme and in complement to the Bristol Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professorships (BBMDVPs). This scheme has been designed to support the next generation of research, helping to enhance the University of Bristol’s reputation as a centre for research excellence and innovation.

Norbert Elias Fellowships

2 Fellowships for African researchers to take part in the ZiF Research Group Global Contestations of Women’s and Gender Rights for up to ten months in the academic year 2020/2021.

The ZiF is the Institute for Advanced Study of Bielefeld University and has been fos- tering outstanding interdisciplinary research groups for more than 50 years.

ZUKOnnect Fellowships for Scholars from Africa, Asia and Latin America

The Zukunftskolleg Konnect Fellowships support early career researchers from Africa, Asia and Latin America related to one of the thirteen departments of the University of Konstanz. As ZUKOnnect Fellow, you can use this time to extend your research networks and to get to know the research environment at the University of Konstanz, without losing your ties to your home university.

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