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Région Bourgogne-Franche-Comté┋Mobilité entrante ou sortante (MOB)

L’objectif principal est l’accompagnement et le développement, à court et moyen terme, de la recherche publique vers l’excellence, en favorisant le transfert de technologies et de connaissances et la création d’activité sur le territoire Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

L’intervention régionale en soutien à la recherche publique se décline en 2 volets principaux :

Call for nominations: Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship (DLF)

The Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship (DLF) is awarded annually to a leading researcher to work on cutting-edge research at the interface between the humanities and social sciences on the one hand and the natural and technological sciences on the other. Distinguished Lorentz Fellows are nominated by prominent figures from within the Dutch academic community. NIAS and the Lorentz Center are committed to encouraging women and minority groups in academia, therefore nominations for researchers from these groups are particularly encouraged to apply.

University of Michigan LSA Collegiate Fellows Program

The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) at the University of Michigan launched the LSA Collegiate Fellows program in 2016 as a major college initiative aimed at promoting an inclusive scholarly environment, recruiting and retaining exceptional early career scholars, and supporting outstanding scholars who are committed to building a diverse intellectual community.

Princeton PLAS Long-term and Short-term Fellowship in Latin American Studies

The study of Latin America and the Caribbean at Princeton is as compelling as the scholars who are at its leading edge. As one of the nation’s most well-endowed and well-respected programs, PLAS welcomes highly qualified individuals to join us each year. Working alongside the University’s globally recognized scholars, visiting fellows bring new topics and perspectives to the classroom, while enjoying a dedicated opportunity to advance their own research.

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