Appel à nominations : A.SK Social Science Award


The WZB Berlin Social Science Center invites nominations for the

I. A.SK Social Science Award 2023 
II. A.SK Social Science Bright Mind Awards 2023

I. A.SK Social Science Award 2023

Founded in 2007 by Shu Kai Chan (1919-2020), the main A.SK award honors research on public policy with a focus on economic and governmental reforms with a prize of 100,000 euros. The research should be in accordance with the spirit of the A.SK mission statement with innovative ideas in a global perspective, such as:

Ideas on governmental reforms, e.g.

  • civil society and the contribution of non-governmental organizations to democratic and effective governance
  • the potential of multi-level democracies
  • preconditions of good governance in state and society

Ideas on economic reforms, e.g.

  • the role of entrepreneurs and competitive cooperation for economic well-being and development
  • the micro- and macroeconomic features of systems which allow employees to participate more in the ownership of their companies through ownership components of salaries
  • the allocative and distributive qualities of systems where individual land ownership rights are limited to long-term leases
  • the possibilities for the financial sector to have more direct links to the national production of goods and services in order to prevent monetary instabilities and speculative deformations.

Previous A.SK Social Science Award holders are
Sir Antony Atkinson†, University of Oxford (2007)
Martha Nussbaum, University of Chicago (2009)
Transparency International, Berlin (2011)
Paul Collier, University of Oxford (2013)
Esther Duflo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2015)
John Ruggie†, Harvard University (2017)
Raj Chetty, Harvard University (2019)
James C. Scott, Yale University (2021)

II. A.SK Social Science Bright Mind Award 2023

For the first time, two additional awards will be presented to younger social scientists on the Postdoc, Assistant Professor, or Junior Professor level. With a prize sum of 20,000 euros each, they honor research on public policy with a focus on economic and governmental reforms.

The members of the award committee are
Dorothea Kübler, WZB Berlin and Technical University Berlin (Chairwoman)
Jutta Allmendinger, President of WZB Berlin Social Science Center
Sir Richard Blundell, University College London
Craig Calhoun, Arizona State University
Jennifer Hochschild, Harvard University

Please submit a short letter of nomination by February 28, 2023 to:

Katrin Schwenk
A.SK Award Committee
WZB Berlin Social Science Center
Reichpietschufer 50, 10785 Berlin
Tel.: 030-25491-535

Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Date de candidature
Humanités : Anthropologie & Ethnologie, Histoire, Philosophie, théologie et religion
Sciences sociales : Economie, Géographie, Gestion et administration publique, Relations internationales, Science politique, Sciences environnementales, Sociologie