CONICYT Support of International Networking between Research Centres

Overall objective

Support the creation of networks for the strengthening of international ties between Chilean national science and technology centres and those based in the following countries below:

America┋Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay

Asia┋China, Korea, India, Israel, Japan, Singapore, Thailand

Europe┋Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

Oceania┋Australia, New Zealand

Specific objectives

  • Support activities promoting international networking between Chilean national science and technology centres and those based in the countries above.
  • Contribute to the development of human resources promoting participation in cutting-edge research and new innovation processes thereby developing expertise in specific areas relevant to national development.

Description of networking modalities available

A description of the networking modalities available for Science and Technology research centres based in the countries included in the present Call are as follows:

  • A. Short-length training internships at research centres abroad, for PhD students, Post-doctorate fellows and young professionals residing in Chile, in foreign research centres.
  • B. Research visits to centres in Chile, for foreign Researchers or Academics to national science and technology research centres.
  • C. Research visits to centres abroad, for Researchers or Academics residing in Chile.
  • D. Organisation of bilateral workshops or seminars in Chile, in all areas of expertise in collaboration with the partner countries mentioned above.
  • E. Access to scientific and technological equipment, in foreign research institutions and/or laboratory services for research, for Researchers or Academics residing in Chile.

The maximum project duration is 24 months.

Application requirements

The project proposal must be carried out by a research group composed of a Principal Investigator and a co-researcher – all resident in Chile and affiliated to one or more national science and technology research centres, together with one or more institutions located  in the abovementioned countries. The research proposal itself must be presented by a Chilean science and technology research centre.

The proposal must include at least two of the 5 networking modalities mentioned above, one of which must be either training internships or the organisation of bilateral workshops and seminars.

For proposals including Modality E (access to the use of scientific and technological equipment), this must be associated with Modality A (short-term training internships abroad) and/or Modality C (Research visits abroad).

The PI must be based at the national science and technology research centre applying and assume responsibility before CONICYT of the technical and administrative coordination of the project.

For all legal purposes and the respective signing of the grant agreement, the project’s counterpart before CONICYT shall be the national science and technology research centre at which the PI is based.

The proposal must formally demonstrate the foreign research centres’ commitment to participate with the national science and technology research centre in carrying out the international networking activities proposed.

The proposal must be submitted in English via the application form provided on the online system.


The resources for this Call for Proposals will be allocated to finance the networking modalities stated previously. The maximum amounts that may be allocated to each selected project is $ USD 23.789 ($CLP 16.000.000).

Assessment and selection

Each individual proposal will be assessed by at least two external expert reviewers with expertise in the areas of the projects submitted to the Call.

An Ad-hoc Committee will be also participating in the assessment process, especially appointed for this call, consisting of expert researchers. The Ad-hoc Committee will be in charge of examining the project evaluations received and also proposing a priority list of the projects recommended for funding. CONICYT will then make the final selection decision.

Information for Applying

Applications may be submitted online and received in CONICYT until the 05 of June 2018 at 16:00hrs (Chilean continental time).

Date de candidature
24 mois maximum
Sciences sociales