Fellowship "Revolutions in Historical Perspective" at Ohio State University

The OSU Center for Historical Research will present a two-year program (2017-2019) devoted to a broad exploration of the theme of "Revolutions". From the ancient world to the Arab Spring, revolutions have shaped human experience in profound ways. Our two-year program is  organized around four broad topics: categories of revolutions; origins of revolutions; the processes and experience of revolutions; and outcomes of revolutions. It will feature a series of seminars, workshops, and lectures by leading scholars from the U.S. and abroad who will explore fundamental questions about the nature of revolutions across time.

Among the questions we will address are definitional: What conditions do changes in power have to meet in order to qualify as revolutions? Do premodern regime changes, colonial wars of liberation and civil wars meet the definition of revolution? What is the distinction between a rebellion and a revolution? Others speak to origins: why do revolutions occur and what makes people decide to rebel at a particular moment in time? What are the relative influence of structures (economic, class, and political arrangements, demography) versus ideology and culture on revolutionary movements? The question of revolutionary processes highlights how people organize and how planners mobilize the population. How do race, class and gender shape mobilization, execution, and outcomes of revolutions? Do radical upheavals require violence and how does warfare interact with revolution? For outcomes, we will consider how revolutionaries have attempted to establish their ideals and realize their goals. When are revolutions over and how do we measure success and failure?

The CHR Seminar

In order to begin to answer these questions, we invite faculty fellowship applications and seminar presentation proposals for the 2017-2019 academic year from scholars of all disciplines from around the globe whose research encompasses the theme of "Revolution in Historical Perspective."

The CHR Fellowship

Pending funding, the CHR will make one fellowship appointment at the junior or dissertation level. Applications will be due January 15, 2017.

Date de candidature
Humanités : Anthropologie & Ethnologie, Archéologie, Art et histoire de l'art, Numérique, Big Data, Histoire, Linguistique, Littérature, Philosophie, théologie et religion